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The Hunted

“Do you think it’ll work?” Archie whispered to me, an obviously shake in his voice “Boo!” Rhys shouted, his face hovering over a tall waxy candle so he could be seen vividly in the otherwise darkened attic room. Archie jumped a little and rolled his eyes “Oh piss off!” he shouted, Rhys started laughing “You hate me, you’re always so mean to me, you always try to scare me!” Archie shouted indignant. “You’re right, and it always works, you’re such a baby” Rhys giggled. Archie rolled his eyes, thinking of a suitable retort “Come me, you’re distracting Taylor.” I whispered, hoping to avoid an argument “Yes you are” Taylor's voice sounded from behind his long waves of chestnut hair that hung down over his face as he worked away “I’m trying to set this up for you ungrateful dickheads – and you” he smiled at me. He then returned to his task; setting up the board. Taylor had claimed he had once contacted God with one of these, though we weren’t quite sure whether to believe him or not, he had also told us he had apparently done this every Halloween and nothing ever went wrong.

Rhys and Archie continued to argue while I watched intently in the darkness as Taylor finished setting up his creation and triumphantly slapped down a heavy bottomed glass upon the centre of the Ouija board “Right. There. Done.” he said rather proudly. Rhys and Archie then hushed themselves and scooted into their places in the circle and leaned into Taylor who would be leading in our communications. “You ready?” he asked excitedly, looking around at us. We each nodded in turn ad he indicated for us to put our right hand on the top of the glass and he lit the last candle. We held our breath. Taylor cleared his throat imperiously and began “Dear Spirit, tell us who we address”. Nothing. Rhys grinned mischievously. “Spirit, we do not wish to harm you, we only want to talk to you.” Still silence. “It doesn’t seem to be working” Archie smiled, a little too relieved “No, it will.” Taylor insisted he asked once more and Archie removed his hand. I heard a tiny shaking sound, like a fly hitting the edge of a window repeatedly. Archie put his hand back on. Taylor asked once more. The glass shook a little more violently. Archie looked around at us in terror and Rhys laughed. The glass began to move. Taylor began to call out the letters as the spirit spelled them out but Rhys also took the same roll, so Archie had the impossible task of writing down the right letters in the right order. My heart thumped as the writing continued. Taylor and Rhys both grew louder. Arche wrote frantically. Suddenly the glass flew off the board and I fell back. Taylor looked around at us. “Is everyone okay?” he whispered. We each nodded and turned the lights on rather astonished that it had worked at all. “Hang on, what did it spell?” I asked rather solemnly Archie began to look over his notes and read out the letters “I-A-M-D-A-V-I-L-L” and smiled. “See? Means nothing. At least now we know Taylor is a bull shitter.” They all began to argue and I picked up the paper the message was written upon. Archie’s note taking skills lacked some rigor. The message should have been “I am Devil.” We had to get out of here.

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About The Author
Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik
About This Story
31 Oct, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
3.0 (1 review)

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