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The Infinite Curse
The Infinite Curse

The Infinite Curse


The man woke up faster than his head realized it and the first thing that greeted him in the morning was his head spinning for around 5 seconds before calming down. It was probably still night time, but slight glimpses of the sun could be seen making their way through the dense population of trees. The wooden window which was on the man’s right side, was wide open and fresh air combined with the aroma of the fauna surrounding the cottage came right into the room.

The man got up from the bed and made way into the front room. Everything seemed to be at its place but in much worse condition that it was left before he went to sleep. The food was rotten, laying on the table and there were at least ten spider webs, each in every corner of the room. At least the front door was closed. How long has he slept? The was a question worth asking as the man made his way towards a wooden chair and sat on it.

There were no clocks, neither was there a calendar which could show the date: so far, the only measurement the man has used was the sun and moon. Those two were trusted guardians of time and sanity: but now they serve no purpose to him. He looked around the room again, now in disbelief. What can one man do, he has to clean. But as he got up from the chair, the door kicked open. Before the man could catch a glimpse of who entered or what happened a force, worthy of twelve men kicked him down onto the ground. All he could do is remain in a position, similar to an infant. He felt he was not controlling his body, only his mind, which screamed in agony. There was no physical pain rather mental one: the man within what appeared to be seconds lost control of his entire body and now he was only in the hands of the mysterious force.

I finally found you warrior; you have been asleep for too long.” said a deep voice from behind the man. The man could neither turn around, nor could he answer but his mind was like a wild dog, jumping from thought to thought. Who is it? How long has he been asleep? What doe-

“I come negotiating peace,

yet force is needed to achieve my goals.

Funny is it? You have a goal to fulfill my dear warrior,

an infinite curse to submit too. It is not of your choosing is you want or don’t want,

I never came with the intent to discuss, rather to command.

The path lays in front of you,

it is needless to say all you need is to submit.

Will you?

Will you submit?

Will you fight?

Will you survive? Questions,

they will be answered by time and time only.

But my dear warrior,

you know what you need to do.

You can’t sleep for much longer…”

the mighty voice said. And suddenly there was silence. Unsettling silence which filled every last inch of the room. The man could suddenly move, he was quick to get up and get his axe from behind the old cupboard. He quickly turned around and saw only the door opened. The room was the same as he witnessed when he first got up.

The man picked up a lantern hanging by the door and went into the forest. Whoever this man was, he can’t be too far, can he? There is only one way out of here, that is following a muddy path down the hill, ascending towards the valley.

The forest was cold and unpleasant. The trees radiated darkness and isolation. The sky was dark and filled with clouds that covered the sun. The man however, no fear, no going back. There was only one way forward. A muddy path which stretched so far even a predator with the sharpest eyes couldn’t see the end. The man held his lantern in from of him. The orange light provided with him feeling of safety, from the dark surrounding. He marched forward.

He knew he has seen this path somewhere, perhaps in a dream? His legs were going with an automated movement, they carried his body. He felt not in control of his movement rather only in control of him mind. How does he know he is not dreaming right now? He could be and there is no way to know? He felt cold, he felt it touch his skin. He knew he was not dreaming because of that. He felt the pain in his right hand, he didn’t know why but he felt it. He felt pain. That is what separated dreams and reality for him. The presence of pain.

An end of the road could be seen. The man saw a dirt circle and at the end of it he saw a cave. The cave was just for one man to fit in it: it seemed very deep but at the same time the walls were narrow. The man held his lantern up, trying to see inside. He couldn’t see in there. Just darkness. Maybe he could wait. Outside in front of the cave. He could get reinforcements from the nearby town. The cave seemed unpleasant. His feet for the first time after such a long walk listened to him and stopped what they were doing. The man stood there, axe in one hand the lantern in the other.

The cave was only for one man, or so it seemed, he thought. Not even two children could fit into the opening, that was clear from the structure and how the cave was built. The man shinned the lantern towards the entrance. Nothing but darkness. Nothing but depth. He could not see. The man sighted. Enter or not to enter? The words of the deep voice behind him resonated “... all you need is to submit.” and so, the man did. He stopped his mind and his legs carried on. They entered the deep cave and the man followed.

Just like he imagined the walls were tight. His lantern was in front of him while his axe was behind his as he slowly moved sideways deeper into the cave. He knew not of a way back, he only remembered one. He went forward as the cold air slowly but steadily surrounded him. The wind could be heard from far away, it was obvious soon he is going to come to the cave itself. This was merely an entrance.

And there he was. After maybe a minute of such walking sideways, he came into a large oval shaped room. There was some figure sitting on a stone in the corner not far from her a campfire was lit. That source of light provided the entire room with rays of orange light, which gently reflected itself from the cold stone walls. The air became still and neither the man nor the person in the corner moved in any meaningful sense. The man lifted his lantern up in order to better see. Suddenly the person lifted its head. The man could observe long hair flowing down the person's body. He figured out the person was a she. “You are fine there, lady?” said the man and lifted his lantern closer. He started slowly walking towards her. The lady looked at him. In the darkness the man couldn’t see her eyes but could fear her sight observing him. The man gripped the axe even more tightly and went closer. “Sit warrior, sit with me for a while.” said the lady suddenly. Her voice was sweeter than homemade honey and it beautifully resonated in the stone room. It was soothing to hear her talk. By her voice she seemed very young. “I shall.” said the man as he slowly got closer. “There, that’s a place for such brave warrior as yourself.” she said pointing towards the stone which was directly in front of the fire. The man looked over to the direction and sat himself down. “What are you doing here?” said the man. “Funny, I had the same question for you...” said the lady. The man still couldn’t see her face or how she looked. But her voice was very soothing. “I don’t know really...” said the man “It was my body not my mind which brought me here.” said the man. “I understand.” said the girl. “It is very easy to get lost here.” said the girl. “Do you know where to go?” said the man. “That depends on you doesn’t it? If you are looking for a map, my dear, unfortunately I do not possess such things. If you are looking for some rest before deciding I might be of use to you.” she said. “What do you mean?” said the man. “I mean what I speak of don’t I? I use a language, understood by you and me, without needing to learn, to express myself, don’t you see?” said the girl. “I see only a shadow, a silhouette, would you reveal yourself to me?” said the man. “Only time and time only will prove if I can reveal myself.” she said and laughed “Do you trust people like me?” said the girl. “If you mean no harm, then yes.” said the man. “I mean no harm, oh no, harm is not a work I know. I have a pill, a magical pill however, to show. You need rest great warrior; a path is before you harder than anything you have seen before. Rest, drink, sooth yourself, be ready from your toes to your core!” said the girl. “What magical pill you speak of?” said the man. “Oh, the magic of the ancient days, you know of it too, you just don’t remember. I’ll ask you; do you want such pill? Such that will make you rest, such that will make you ready, such that will show you the path you will need to walk.” said the girl. “Sounds like a plan.” said the man. “Plan it is, plan it will be, you don’t need to plan anything my dear. Here, kill your pain, you’ll see how much you’ll gain!” said the girl. Her hand showed a shiny pill colored like the water of an ocean. The man took the pain. “Promise it will be fine?” said the man. “I promise, it will be a path of bliss.” said the girl. The man swallowed the pill. He felt dizziness in his head and he slowly closed his eyes.

The man woke up. Instead of sleeping on stone floor, he was surrounded by tall grass. He stood up. Snowy mountains could be observed in the distance. Large trees from which orange fruits hanged were quite far from him but he could still see them. The land was filled with a beautiful smell, like freshly cut grass. He took his first step; it was like he was walking on clouds. Every step was a joy to take and every step was better than the last. The man ran with joy. He saw a figurine of a girl in the distance. She was pale dresses in beautiful white dress and red shoes. Her hair was long, ending where her feet began and it was of a color so golden even the richest of queens would envy her. Her big brown eyes, observed the man as he slowly got here. “What is this place?” asked the man as soon as he got to her. “Haven’t I promised you paradise?” said the girl. “You never spoke of paradise so beautiful.” said the man. “You never asked how beautiful it was.” said the girl stretching his hand towards him. The man looked at her. “Take my hand, let me show you the land!” said the girl cheerfully. The man took her hand as she started to jump in front of him. “These are the gardens, these are the hills, you don’t need anyone, to feel the thrills. Just enjoy your stay, be fine, all you need to be happy is me and some wine!” said the girl smiling. The man smiled too. “Don’t you feel that way my warrior?” said the girl sadly. “Yes, I do.” said the man. “Good for you!” said the girl laughing.

The man observed the surroundings as the girl was leading him somewhere. He didn’t care where, he liked walking here. He noticed he has no axe and neither does he have a lantern. But in place like this you need no things. There was nothing to fight and everything was bright, the man thought. The girl looked at him and continued walking. The girl suddenly stopped. “Here sit my dear, I will bring you the best food and a barrel full of beer.” said the girl as she disappeared. The man sat himself down. Is this why he came in the first place? He was happy if this was the reason. The memory of the cave became so distant, he almost forgot about it. The girl suddenly appeared in front of him and as promised there was a barrel filled with beer and tons of different tasty foods. “Eat and drink until you have empty plates, don’t you worry we will have many more such dates.” said the girl. “I surely enjoy your company. “I know you do, that’s why I am here for you.” said the girl. “What’s your name, may I ask?” said the man. “Names are not needed when you are calm and seated.” said the girl “Why do you need a name, don’t you believe what I say, not a single claim? I don’t lie, I don’t cheat, I am searching for somebody to meet. The cave is not friendly and so is your path, you disobey the gods and you’ll see their wrath.” said the girl. “I understand the sentences you speak, yet the meaning is not clear. What do you mean by your words my dear?” said the man. “I love you my warrior but I am not so certain if you do too. How much have I sacrificed; do you have a clue?” said the girl. “I don’t my dear and I don’t understand. I met you an hour ago and you ask where I stand?” said the man. The girl got sad. “Don’t you believe in blind love, in two birds singing at once, don’t you believe you can fly with me, don’t you hear the sounds?” said the girl. The man thought for a moment. “I might I might not, time will tell, but say to me girl, haven’t you put me under a spell?” said the man. “That I have, but the spell of love is not a spell of will ill, it makes men more men and less of machines who just kill.” said the girl. “Love is love but my path is a path of free will. How dare you say I only kill?” said the man. “You kill happiness, you kill a little bit in my heart, you kill flowers that grow far apart. Two lovers who meet, speak of language not written but known to man, two lovers who meet get by an arrow bitten and don’t have a plan. That’s why the pill my dear, that’s the only spell you have.” said the girl. “I understand you motive young girl but this is no path for me. I search of love not, rather to find a loose end and tie a knot.” said the man. “You don’t understand my dear, isn’t life of joy and pleasure? Isn’t life not work but leisure? Isn’t life a constant search of happiness and you don’t look no more. You found life, you found me, I beg you don’t leave, I stand on my knee.” said the girl. “Life is not of pleasure but of work for me a man of deeds, I understand your pain but the wrong books you mind reads.” said the man. The girl got up all angry:

“How can you speak of love in such vain

I suffered many days, believed in the pain

Don’t you hear my call

Even if your heart is miles away

Don’t you hear the call

As two lovers used to say

I believe your judgment; you can let me stay

With only one coin and that is trust you have to pay

I love you, your eyes and your way

You treat me not as a gift but as a curse

Take this pill, blue like the ocean and prove me wrong...”

The world in which the man was started to change with the original cave. The man sometimes saw the mountains, sometimes stone walls, sometimes he sat on grass, sometimes on stone ground. The girl got closer to him and stretched her hand. And behold a blue pill was in it. “Take it my warrior, I forgive you if you will.” said the girl. “That I can’t but forgive me anyway.” said the man. “Fine, you decide your fate but what happens next you will hate.” said the girl. The man again saw only as he fell to the ground and his eyes closed.

The man woke up in the cave. The woman was still sitting in her corner. The man took his axe and his lantern and pointed it towards the woman. She was much older that in the hallucination, here she was maybe even 70 or 80 years old. She wore a long dark dress. She looked up at the warrior. “Kill me if you must, for your mercy I have no lust.” said the woman. And the man swung his axe only for him to land it in the stone. He looked at what he has done. The woman was not there, just the balck dress remained under his axe. He looked around in the cave. She was nowhere to be see. But an entrance could be seen right behind her seat.

The man entered the entrance again with his lantern in front of him and axe behind. The hall was similar to the first one, it was very narrow and most importantly dark. The man continued to walk now more aware of his movement. He was determined to reach the end of this quest whatever it was.

Suddenly he entered yet again another room. It was oval like the first one but much larger than the one before. The lights were more dominant in this one as they hanged from walls lighting the entire room up. In the middle of the room, stood a figure of a tall man. He wore a long black robe with what looked like diamonds. The robe shined as the man turned around. His face was young even if he wore a long black beard. His eyes were black and dark as he looked towards the man. “Welcome. I see you have already met my dearest friend in the chamber before.” said the figure. “That I have. If you attempt to fool me just like her, I will not fall for it I am sure.” said the man. “I will not fool you, not at all, why would I?” said the figure. The man stood still in the door. “Come closer please. Or do you feel like returning?” said the figure. The man slowly came closer. “What is this place?” said the man. “Hard questions you have but why bother?” said the figure. “Come closer, don’t afraid.” said the figure. “Who are you?” said the man. “Some people call me a magician, some call me a fake. But when I do my magic, everybody wants their piece of cake.” said the man. “What magic do you speak of so fondly?” said the man. “Magic, I help you find what you seek, whether its hidden in a cave or behind a creek.” said the figure. “You can show me what I want?” said the man. “Of course, do you want to see? It will break you curse, will set you free.” said the magician. “Show me but play no tricks, for them I have no time.” said the man. “No tricks, no false claims, I am not the one your heart blames.” said the magician as he started to walk towards the man. The man suddenly had fear in his eyes. “What are you going to do to me?” said the man. “You will see, you shall see.” said the magician as he touched the man’s forehead. The man felt dizzy again. He closed his eyes.

The man woke up again but this time not on the ground asleep but standing and walking. He found himself in a street, darker than usual. He could however see that the sky was blue without a single cloud and that it was probably the day. The floor on what he stood was made of stone. The shops were of no other colors only dark green and grey. They had large windows and golden letters but he could not read any of them. They were written in a language not known to him.
The man paused to look around him. He again didn’t have the lantern and he didn’t even have his normal clothing. He had a white T-shirt on him and jeans. He didn’t recognize this clothing; it was not his but it was made with great care and quality. He observed it in his hand. He could suddenly hear the talk of some people. He headed towards the direction of where the noise was coming from and he came at the end of the street. At the very end was a shop of dark green color except the curtains here were open and you could see people sitting on pillows, drinking something from white mugs. The people were dressed similarly to him and they spoke and laughed without any worry. The man entered the shop.

Upon entering, nobody looked up, nobody even noticed that he entered. The man observed the place. There were balck metal spiral stairs on his left, bunch of black and white pictures which hang on the wall and at the end of the shop there was something that looked like a counter with a menu right above it. The man carefully studied the beverages not knowing the name of any of them. But suddenly he noticed something different.

There was a girl standing right at the counter she had short black pants and tight black shirt. She held a tray and seemed to be waiting for something. She was quite small in size and her clear blond hair was cut right above her shoulders. Her pale almost clean white skin was covered in tattoos that decorated both of her arms and hands. The man just looked at the girl from the far. She suddenly turned around. Her eyes were of bright blue color and were looking directly at him. She was the most beautiful woman the man has seen in a long time. She put the tray on the counter and went towards him. “Can I help you with something?” she said in a voice so sweet and feminine, it was a miracle the man has not fainted right there. “Yes, what is your name, if I may ask?” said the man. “Oh, you may. The name is Dea.” she said. “Very nice to meet you Dea.” said the man. “What is yours?” said Dea. “I don’t remember Dea.” said the man. Dea smiled. “Don’t we all sometimes.” said Dea. “Can you tell me where I am Dea?” said the man. “You are in my town during one of the greatest celebrations in all year.” said Dea. “What celebration?” said the man. “The one at the town square by the fountain. The crowd of people, the cheering, the red carpet, you couldn’t have missed it.” she said. “I am worried I have.” said the man. Dea looked him directly in his eyes. “Maybe I could show you?” she said. “I would be pleased if you did.” the man said. “Alright. Give me a minute, I will get ready.” said Dea. The man sat himself down. He waited for Dea to come back from the counter. “So, we can go?” said Dea. “Won’t they miss you?” the man said. “We don’t have to many customers today, so no.” said Dea. The man walked outside with her. “May I take your hand Dea?” he asked. “Of course, you may, if you wish to do so.” she said with a smile. “So, you have not seen the celebrations... That’s strange, I think they are unmissable.“ said Dea. “I must have not seen them.” said the man. “Never mind, I will show you anyway.” she said.

They went along a street which turned and twisted like a long snake. They didn’t talk both of them were silent. The man observed every step Dea has taken. It was beautiful, she was beautiful. He savored every moment they were together and he never wanted it to end. He went on forward. He could suddenly hear a distant noise and cheering. “That’s the celebration.” said Dea. She went a bit faster suddenly, so the man did the same.

When they arrived at the main square the man was overwhelmed by the amount of everything. There was an enormous large white building with thick which pillars and stairs stretching all around the building. The building could be at least 50 meters tall. In front of it was a large white fountain with a marble dolphin spitting the water up into the air. In front of the fountain stood a crowd of people cheering ad clapping at something the man couldn’t see. “What are they celebrating?” said the man. “Anything you want.” said the girl. The man looked at the Dea. Dea looked back at him. “I want to tell you something.” said the man. “Words are not enough for what you want to say.” said Dea. The man suddenly leaned forward and kissed Dea and Dea put her hands around him and kissed him too. They stayed like this for at least 30 seconds. “See, where words don’t do their job, action takes the center stage.” said Dea as she pulled back from him with a sweet smile on her face. The man smiled. Suddenly 3 men got out of the crowd. “Dea!” said one of them. Dea turned around. The 3 men first looked at the man and then at Dea again. Dea looked up to the man. “Please do something, please!” said the girl. The man stepped forward. “What do you want?” said the man. “We want Dea!” said one of the men. They pulled out their knives. “That won’t happen.” said the man. “Enough talking, let’s get her.” said one of the men. And they ran towards the pair. The man stood where he was and as the first fighter got close the man managed to punch him right into his face. The fighter fell down and the man managed to pick up the knife and throw it at the second fighter, who upon being hit fell right to the ground. The third fighter stopped with his knife in his hand. “We want Dea. Hand her here and there will be no more violence.” said the last fighter. “No way, tell me why you want her?” said the man. “You fool. You don’t know her, why protect her? You fool don’t you know violence leads to more violence. The war can be only won by a strong army and not by an influential pen, go with her hide in some den. But if you are in this city, I shall find you that I must, you want the girl’s hand but for life you have no lust.“ said the fighter as he ran away. The man looked at Dea. “I am sorry for the mess, go without me and stay blessed.” said Dea as she started crying. “No one is leaving you here, we are going to leave town my dear, no pain no pain at all will you even have to feel.” said the man. Dea smiled in between her tears. “For real?” she said. “It’s a deal.” said the man. Dea let out her hand and the man caught her. “Show me the way, my fair lady.” said the man. “Here, we have to get to the main gate, it is mine and your fate.” said Dea as she ran forward. The man ran behind her.

They ran for at least a few minutes before a group of 10 men appeared behind them. “There she is and there is the fool!” said the fighter from before. “Let’s go.” said another one from the fighters. They all started to run towards them. “Dea, run faster please!” said the man. “This is the fastest I can go my dear!” Dea said. They both ran and the group behind them. “It’s just right of here don’t you worry.” said Dea as she turned around behind a house. The man did the same and suddenly he found himself standing in front of a gate. It led to a light blue void with clouds spinning around in it. Dea stopped right before it. She stood there. The man stopped there too. The group stopped maybe 4 meters behind them. “Why don’t you come closer?” asked the man. “Why would we? Our goal has been filled now leave with the girl and don’t be even seen.” said the group. “Why chase us all the way here?” said the man. “Why should we make our goals clear?” said the group. “Come on my dear, let’s leave this place.” said Dea. “Not until I see my enemy’s face.” said the man. “Here am I and here I shall stand.” said the whole group together. The man went forward to the group. “Don’t come closer warrior, we will fight.” said one of the fighters. “Then you will have to face me in my might.” said the man. “Please don’t do this, this won’t make it right!” cried Dea. The man stepped closer. And closer. One of the fighters did a swing with his knife. The man got closer. “I see your bluff.” said the man. “What is enough, is enough.” said one of the fighters. He threw his knife in the direction of the man. The knife flew and suddenly was in the man's arm. A flow of blood came out of the shoulder, where the knife was now stuck. “I feel no pain.” said the man as he looked at the knife. The group in fear looked at the man. “I feel no pain!” said the man again but louder. The group ran away. The man came towards Dea. “Was the fight worth it?” said Dea angrily. “Explain why I feel no pain.” said the man. “I don’t know.” said Dea. “You do, don’t lie to me.” said the man. Dea looked at him. “In this world you don’t feel pain, you only feel happy. Come now and jump the gate with me.” said Dea. “If I don’t feel pain, what world is this?” said the man. “A good one.” said Dea. “But not a real one.” said the man. “Who cares? It’s a good world and you are in a good mood. Who cares about truth now?” said Dea. “But why this when it’s not real?” said the man. “It’s fake only if you don’t believe it.” said Dea. “But how can I believe a lie?” said the man. “You have until now haven’t you?” said Dea. “That I have but no more, I have to go through another door.” said the man. “Escape with me my warrior and don’t worry about anything else.” said Dea. “But that makes no sense, there must be something else.” said the man. “A lie is a lie, if you call it lie. A truth a term of honor but why? Can’t a lie be honorable and let truth die? Why all the suffering, why always cry? You could end your misery with just one little lie...” said Dea. “But a small lie is a brick for a wall of ignorance. And even if ignorance is bliss, truth might I mention will I dearly miss...” said the man. “I don’t understand, don’t take it as an offense. You have everything you want and you still want less? You can’t live in truth and have all you need. Because truth is the water while suffering is the seed. You will never have your dreams; we will never meet. Trust me my warrior, trust me with your hand, it’s all you need.” said Dea. “No, I shall reject even if I will never see ya, I am sorry my dearest Dea.” said the man. “As you wish my dear warrior, the choice is your choice, just don’t get killed by the head and all the noise.” said Dea. The whole world around the man started to fall down and shiver. Dea herself fell to the ground and in great agony screamed and screamed. Her scream was hard to hear, on the face of the man appeared a tear.

The man woke up standing in the middle of the room. The magician stood at the very end of the room. “Why reject my gift?” said the magician. “My hand...” said the man as he felt pain in his right shoulder. “Answer.” said the magician. “You have given not a gift but a curse.” said the man. “What curse you speak of?” said the magician. “You showed me a world of lies but I seek truth.” said the man. “Are you sure you seek truth? You are noble like all the warriors that enter this cavern. Searching for truth while they don’t know how it looks. Searching because it’s a principle.” said the magician. “I might not know how it looks, but I know how it doesn’t. And that motivates me.” said the man. “Funny many say that but many don’t know what they search for. That’s the issue, you search not of truth rather of end to suffering. And truth won’t bring you that, only a lie can.” said the magician. “You are wrong.” said the man. “Don’t deny it. Don’t you want to lay down and not worry? Don’t you want to meet with Dea again? I know she is the woman of your dreams as the illusion is only partially of my making. Some of it I left for your imagination.” said the magician. “No, I wish not to return.” said the man. “I give you last chance and then I will let you go. A warning, a tip from a man wiser than you. What you search for is impossible, it’s a trial of depression and death. We all go, we all leave but some of us make it easier by having cards up our sleeve. Let me make it easier for you warrior, let me reward you before you do something.” said the magician. “I wish for no such thing.” said the man as he threw his axe towards the magician. He looked surprised when it hit his head and blood started to drip down from his forehead. The magician dropped to his knees and then fell to the ground. He was dead. The man took his axe and looked around. Suddenly a stone moved itself away and revealed another entrance. The man picked up his lantern aiming it in front of him and went inside.

This hall was much darker not even the lantern could shine through. The man went deeper and deeper, it must have been good five minutes now. He was fully conscious of his body and mind. He must reach the end whatever this is. He must do it. His shoulder still hurt from the knife but he couldn’t see a scar. He actually couldn’t see anything on his shoulder, just plain skin. Suddenly the scream of agony of Dea started to play in his mind. It was a horrible scream. The man just had to continued.

Suddenly he entered yet another room, again of an oval shape. But this one was much different. It was furnished like a small house with a black couch in the corner and a bookshelf filled with books of different shapes and sizes. There was a bed at the very end of the entire house. There also was a small kitchen with one chair behind a dining table. The man didn’t notice at first but the entire room was well lit even if there was nothing lighting it. Only when he looked up there must have been at least a thousand fireflies up on the ceiling, lighting up the entire room. The man observed the ceiling. “Ah, you are here. Braver than I thought young man.” said a voice from somewhere. The man looked around. From behind one of the stones a tall figure with thick black moustache and a very elegant black suit and top hat came out. He was rubbing his hands together as he came from behind the stone. “Who are you?” said the man. “Names are not important.” said the figure. “For me they are.” said the man. “I have noticed.” said the figure looking right at the man. “How about you sit.” said the figure and only by looking at the chair he moved it forward right towards the legs of the man. “Please I don’t get too many guests anyhow.” said the figure. “I guess so.” said the man. “Indeed. So why did you come to visit me?” said the figure. “This is where the trial led.” said the man. “Did it? You could have stayed at any of those caverns.” said the figure. “They provided with nothing more than illusions.” said the man. “Ah another truth-seeker. Very well.” said the figure as he sat down on the black couch. “What do you mean?” said the man. “Are you not a truth seeker?” asked the figure. “I am. I just don’t understand the meaning of it.” said the man. “The meaning of truth-seeker or truth?” said the figure. “The implication of it.” said the man. The figure looked confused. “You search for truth, that is your ideal isn’t it? You didn’t come this long way just for nothing, there was a drive in you that made you come here. And that drive is truth.” said the figure. The man nodded. “So, what am I supposed to do now?” said the man. “Well how should I know; don’t you know what you seek? Are you strong in your mind or are you weak?” said the figure. “I search for truth.” said the man. “Very well, then find it please.” said the figure. “I don’t know what it looks like or what I should do...” said the man. The figure laughed. “And that is the problem with you the truth seekers, you don’t know how truth looks or what it is, yet you attempt to find it.” said the figure. “I know a lie when I see one.” said the man. “Very well, do I look like I lie?” said the figure. “In don’t know.” said the man. The figure laughed at him. “Then do what you must, I won’t hinder you in your detailed search.” said the figure as he started to leave. “WAIT!” said the man. The figure turned around. “Yes?” he said. “I want your help.” said the man. “Very well. Tell me what to look for an I will.” said the figure. “Don’t play games with me. Tell me why I am here.” said the man. “For truth perhaps.” said the figure smiling. “Don’t you dare to make fun of me.” said the man as he got up and lifted his axe. The figure laughed. “So, this is how it ends? Don’t lift up your axe at me, you and me know how it ended the last time.” said the figure. The man got more serious. “Do I need to remind you? Why you live alone? Why you are so explosive? Why...” said the figurine. “How do you know. HOW DO YOU KNOW OF THIS?” shouted the man as he got closer to the figure. The figure remained calm. “I know a lot of things. Some you can’t even understand.” said the figure. “How do you KNOW of this particular thing?” said the man. “As I said, I know a lot of things.” said the figure. “That is why I am here isn’t it?” said the man as he took a step back. “Now we are starting to get somewhere.” said the figure. “I seek no truth, I see redemption.” said the man. “We could say so.” said the figure. “You see, if there is one thing you can be in full control of it’s emotions. There is no way to not have emotions but there is a way to acknowledge an emotion and then know what to do with it.” said the figure. “Why are you here?” said the man. “You make your emotion rational; you make it rational. Interesting that this is something you humans have to practice.” said the figure. “I asked you a question.” said the man. “And I have not given you the answer, who says I know everything.” said the figure. “Then let me get my redemption.” said the man. “That’s not so easy.” said the figure. “Let me get it. I don’t want to suffer.” said the man. “You missed out on many opportunities previously, not to suffer. This is not about suffering fellow warrior.” said the figure. “Please I just don’t want to live with the guilt.” said the man. “Oh, nobody can rid you of that. Your guilt is your guilt and it will always remain yours. You can’t remove it at once.” said the figure. “What do you suggest I do?” said the man. “Leave and next time when a chance of not suffering is offered, take it. It will provide you with pleasure.” said the figure. “But I seek redemption not to minimize my suffering.” said the man. “You search for redemption to minimize your suffering. It’s easier to not suffer than to find redemption. Take the easy path.” said the figure. “I don’t want the easy path; I want to find redemption.” said the man. “Very well, fight for it you must.” said the figure. A long sword suddenly appeared in his hand. The man took his axe. With a mad swing he swung forwards the figure, who with the lightest of the moves dodged the attack and swung the sword towards the man. As he dodged it, he felt to the ground, only to immediately get up and swing one more time. The figure once again dodged the attack. The figure was incredibly fast with his movements. With every swing the man was getting more and more angry. He swung like mad while the figure dodged every single one of his attacks. “Look at you, pathetic, you are strong with your body but your mind is weak. You want truth but it must be control that you should seek.” said figure. The man continued to swing his axe. The shoulder was right now burning. “Let me end your suffering.” said the figure as he hit the man with his sword into the arm. The man screamed in pain as blood started flowing from it. He fell to the ground and the axe fell right next to him. The man looked at the figure, who came closer with his sword. “You still have a lot to understand.” said the figure. The man suddenly understood what was required of him. He took a deep breath and focused on his body. There it is! Anger. He looked at the emotion, it was an orange ball sending shocks around. He focused more. The ball started to shrink and shrink, until it disappeared. The man opened his eyes. The figure was standing there but it seemed like the time has slowed down. The figure’s mouth moved very slowly and he could only hear tones and not words that the figure was saying. He got up and took the axe from the ground. The figure seemed to notice the change but was very slow to react to what was happening. The figure’s head turned slowly as he swung his hand together with the sword very slowly in the general direction for the man. The man felt fresh and ran towards the figure with the axe in his hand. He hit the figure with all the left-over strength into the stomach and the figure fell down the ground in a puddle of blood. The man felt happiness. Time got back to normal. “You think... you think you have won.” began the figure. The man turned around only to see the figure lie in a puddle of blood holding his stomach. “I will stay here, we will meet maybe tomorrow, we will meet next time surely. I will be stronger I promise that.” said the figure as he let out his last breath. The cave around the man started to shatter and he just stood there. The man watched the stones fall down, all the dirt to go down with them. He started climbing upwards. And there he was back as the forest. The sun was high up in the sky and the birds were singing. The man took his axe and lantern and left the place. He went back to his cottage.

Upon coming home, he sat on the bed frame and put a piece of clothing over his hand. He sat in the dining room and made himself some food. He was hungry but most importantly he was tired. He left the meal half-finished as he went to the bedroom. It would be best if he slept now, said the man to himself. And that he did. He put the axe into one of the corners in the lantern he hanged by the door. He put himself to rest on the bed. He couldn’t sleep for a while, he really could not but at last he fell asleep. There was just so much for him to process this very day. And he can all do that after he sleeps.

The next day the man woke up faster than his head realized it and the first thing that greeted him in the morning was his head spinning for around 5 seconds before calming down. It was probably still night time, but slight glimpses of the sun could be seen making their way through the dense population of trees. The wooden window which was on the man’s right side, was wide open and fresh air combined with the aroma of the fauna surrounding the cottage came right into the room.

The man got up from the bed and made way into the front room. Everything seemed to be at its place but in much worse condition that it was left before he went to sleep. The food was rotten, laying on the table and there were at least ten spider webs, each in every corner of the room. At least the front door was closed. How long has he slept? The was a question worth asking as the man made his way towards a wooden chair and sat on it.

There were no clocks, neither was there a calendar which could show the date: so far, the only measurement the man has used was the sun and moon. Those two were trusted guardians of time and sanity: but now they serve no purpose to him. He looked around the room again, now in disbelief. What can one man do, he has to clean. But as he got up from the chair, the door kicked open. Before the man could catch a glimpse of who entered or what happened a force, worthy of twelve men kicked him down onto the ground. All he could do is remain in a position, similar to an infant. He felt he was not controlling his body, only his mind, which screamed in agony. There was no physical pain rather mental one: the man within what appeared to be seconds lost control of his entire body and now he was only in the hands of the mysterious force.

I finally found you warrior; you have been asleep for too long...”

Author Notes: Any review is welcome, as it helps me become a better writer :) I try to answer everything and don't be too afraid to be critical, I won't be sad to hear negative reviews ;D

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