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The Insatiable Hunger for Murder That Wrecked His Thoughts.
The Insatiable Hunger for Murder That Wrecked His Thoughts.

The Insatiable Hunger for Murder That Wrecked His Thoughts.

AphoticLabyrinthInkMit Thi Drugon
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by Mit Thi Drugon

Created & published by AphoticLabyrinth. Ink


It was my neighbor who helped me bury my ex girlfriends' current boyfriend's corpse a few weeks after she broke up with me & left me bankrupt. A few weeks later my doorbell rang, there was thudding on the door & the knocks were heavily grim. I walked over to the door hesitantly & then I met my neighbors sharp piercing dead eyes as I opened the ungreased squeaky wooden front door entrance.

Later in a few hours we were backfilling a ditch we had dug to bury his wife's corpse. We were knee deep in dirt & sweat, the corpse was already giving off a partial reek of death.

After a few months my gravedigging pal got dug in a deeper hole selfexecution was a method he implemented. At least he had a decent & casual burial. He died with our secrets like an SS intelligence infiltration agent.

My ex came back more alluring, freaky & lustfully pleading to stay with me for a couple of weeks & i extended my arms to let her in. Not long problems invited themselves in like cockroaches & rats, they ignored the eviction notices.
"Nothing left in our bellies except for the stench of rotten refuse, our plates are haunted by the spirits of starved insects", she complained & left after two days staying with me.

My mother was long suffering in hospital, life had fucked her so hard that it tore her uterus apart, lupus had taken hold of her ugly deformed shape she was just a coffin to be clutching to life in pangs. She was like the skull of a ghoul wearing human skin for a facial mask. Her dire state was worsening like heading towards the valley of shadows of death to combat with ravenous maggots in the putrid crow's gut.

Eventually i moved to my brother's house when things were not working out for me, I was barely surviving the situation was tougher than it has struck before.

Living with him was a blessing, his kind heart accommodated my nonsense for an extandable span, he was more resiliant to my bullshit. He tried to turn my life around to help me see my wrongs & make peace with myself in order to reconnect with Christ since my brother was a devoted Christian. He wanted me to see the shinning greatness in Christ but i was just not looking in that direction.

Despite his acts of love, devotion & possitivity dissolved in a few seconds. The dark cloud the angel of death rides came over his roof & abducted his breath from his soul.
After my brother's bereavement it came to my understanding that his widowed wondrous wife Palma had a thing for me to keep me warm between her crotch & always wanted me to fill her womb with my meat & smear her uterus with my warm gushing fluid. She was becoming increasingly close to me, the way she conversed with me was more dynamic, erotic & symbolic. The manner of her dressing drastically shifted from flavorless dresses to socially accepted revealing dresses laced with attractive fragrances. How she behaved when I was around became sexually odd as well, yes she was an attractive intelligent strong woman who even my humble married neighbor had fantasies of boning. She was the real deal, a lovable humper of sexiness.

I was an uncle to two teenage kids & we lived under the same roof. The family looked up to me as an uncle , a guardian & also as a contributing provider but little did they know I wasn't the angel they all thought I had become, the devil in me was still ablaze roaming in my desolate lukewarm heart.

Twice or once a week Palma would tempt me with her seductive magick when the kids werent around. She finally came to suceed & i gave in to her sexual powers, & we had explosive coitus like pornstars on an uncontrollable humping rampage. The sex was gorgeous & so was she. I could see the grief shadowing her brown twinkly eyes, the confusion lurking in her eyes & the gushing hormones that were whispering from her slimy uterus. We went on for like a whole month sneaking around having sex everyday at 3am, 1pm & 5pm, it had become a daily ritualized routine that was automatically occuring until the day guilt started marauding Palma.

She wasnt herself, she was excessively derailing emotionally & i could see the impending doom. O'Neil my nephew started piecing together the fragments of me & his mom's routines, even a dumb nine year old could tell the sexual tension that me & Palma had. O'Neil wasnt certain of what he suspected. As days did unfurl me & Palma had on & off sex interactions, guilt was infesting a larger portion of her wellbeing, her eating habits were unfamiliar & soon the effects of stress manifested themselves.

O'Neil seem to have been gaining on us trying to obtain as much evidence as he could to crack the undercover infidelity that was on going within the household. Martha on the other hand seem to have been abscent minded occupied with her own issues.

I was home alone one dreary eve when O'Neil confronted me about the affair, i denied the allegations & cunningly covered up my tracks but i could see i was O'Neil's main suspect.

One thing i was good at was to make people disappear in my life, literally.

Martha was hard on drugs she barely spent time home which accomodated me to play around with Palma's feelings & also to give me ample time to socialize more with O'Neil in my attempts to find out how much he knew.

Later on he busted us which sent terrified Palma descending in turmoil. I couldnt let O'Neil tell Martha or the elder relatives so i did what i had to do. I poisoned O'Neil & Palma that eve when we were having the last supper. I had already dug a grave to stash the two corpses.

I poisoned myself too so not to make it obvious i was the suspect, i played victim so that the crime would be pinned down onto Martha. That was my fallible plan of tying a loose end.

I executed the plot even though i couldnt foresee the underlying calamity that waited on my path. Martha got imprisoned & i was knocked into a 6months coma.

I woke out a coma & lived as a free man. I buried identies, skipped town & started fresh with some of Palma's distant relatives who were so generous to take me in to their warm home.
I couldnt control my impulses so i committed another secret murder of a close kindred.

Author Notes: Here goes another story from the olden vaults of AphoticLabyrinth. Ink

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About The Author
Mit Thi Drugon
About This Story
27 Jun, 2022
Read Time
5 mins
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