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The Institute of Magic
The Institute of Magic

The Institute of Magic

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“Now as I said don’t try it on a person,” I exclaimed. I tried to explain it to Ethan “You are one of the gifted. Don’t use your powers on the weak, use them for the weak. That’s our power and our responsibility.” I had started a school for young magicians, “The Institute of Magic” in the memory of Master Zander the greatest magician of all time and my life-saver. I forgot to introduce myself, I am Mitchell Branson. Once I was a sculptor, now a magician thanks to Master Zander, I am his heir. I have defeated Dragron, an evil wizard. But, I still think a part of his soul is still out there craving for me. I feel some connection to him, I see him in my dreams, calling me to The Forbidden Forest, a forest no one dared to enter. Not even the strongest magicians. Nowadays I try to concentrate on my students but as the days pass by my visions become clearer and clearer. For now, I am busy punishing Ethan. That boy has the energy; I feel it but he doesn’t like to use it for good. He is the grandson of Master Zander, but nothing like him. He is continuously using his power to hurt, steal, bully. I am tired of him but I can’t leave him nor anyone else. I never knew my family but now, they are my family. Ethan has the same situation, we know him because he has the family heirloom, the staff of Master Zander. Otherwise, he never knew anyone except his grandfather. My most favourite student is Luke, the best and the only one who is able to do magic. Sure, all of them are best and can do magic but he is an exception. But, sometimes I see his eyes wild with revenge and hungry for power.

That is understandable. His parents were tortured to death, but what I couldn’t understand was his hunger for power. He always tried to be in charge whenever I was not present. Anyways, I was teaching everyone how to transfigure objects to turn into something else. As always, Luke did it at his first try. Ethan by the way, he couldn’t do it. In the end, everyone could do it perfectly but not Ethan. I have to give him extra attention. I called him and told him to come and meet me in the evening. Everyone lived in the school until they were sixteen and were released as perfect magicians. The school is situated where Master Zander died and where I trained for many years. These are the students I get at the end of every six years. I get thirty to forty children in all. I teach them everything I learned by Master Zander’s experience when he gave me his fading life. At the evening I found, Ethan atop a tree. Typical for him. I called him down and started explaining to him about the life I lived and why I train them. Even though Dragron was gone, monsters and some ghouls were still out there craving for human flesh. I quoted him what I once heard “With great power comes to a great responsibility.” It was a phrase I will always remember. “You are the heir of the Great Master Zander. Don’t let your powers get wasted. You are better than you think you are.” I told him. He just nodded and went back in. I don't get it. Why is he so ignorant? Then I had a vision. I was in the land of the dead and I was Master Zander sitting in front of me.

He calmly said “No questions, boy. I have important things to talk about. You are thinking about my grandson. He has power and he will use it and you will need him. But now is not the time. First, yes your dreams are true. Dragron is partially alive. He stored his soul into a ring with some dark magic that even I cannot understand. Second, let me show you your future.” He pressed his finger on my forehead and I had a vision in another vision. Weird! I saw myself, Ethan, Luke and the rest of my students all grown up and standing in front of the entrance of the Forbidden Forest. Then I saw, Ethan taking a knife for me. I couldn’t see the stabber’s face but it resembled someone I knew. Then I see Ethan controlling water, then air, then fire, then the earth. He was an Elementalist. I was scared, not by the fear of death, by the fear that Ethan could literally explode by using this much magic. The vision ended and I was back in the land of the dead. Master said “This was one of your future that may happen. These are the ones I am sure will occur. The rest is up to you. Goodbye, Mitchell you are my true heir.” I woke up in the real world and saw Ethan hovering over me. He asked, “Are you alright? You were shouting my name, and lying on the grass shivering. His determined look gave me a bit of happiness. I answered “Yeah, I am fine. I just got a call from your grandfather.” And I passed out again. I was sure something was going to happen but I couldn’t understand what. I heard the students talking about me giving Ethan more attention than the others. That might be true but I couldn’t get up. I got another vision but not from Master Zander but from my old enemy Dragron.

“Hello, Mitchell. Wow, you are tall now.” I was in some sort of cave. He continued “So, you might remember me. I am Dragron, former king, now a half-dead wizard. I have to tell you something. I am still alive! YAY!” There was a sudden weird noise, which came from the ceiling. He scowled and said “As I was telling you, my old friend, I am alive and I am sending you a present. I am sending you a pet. Keep it safe, it might bite you.” He cackled and said with a grin“Be ready Branson. Your nemesis is back.”

Author Notes: To understand it you gotta read The Battle of Justice

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7 Oct, 2019
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5 mins

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