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The Issue of Greed

The Issue of Greed

By snipingrebel126

There was once a young popular girl. There was also a young man who was madly in love with her. He was not popular but often fantasized about her during school. Needless to say, she did not pay him any attention except to make fun of his fitness. He was a little on the overweight side. One day, the girl was with her friends at a fair and went to see a fortune teller that was set up there. When it was her turn, the young girl talked to the old woman in the tent. The woman started to speak slowly to the girl.

She said, “You are a young woman who has a mysterious lover”. The young girl quickly retorted, “Yes and I actually know who he is but he is too big and unpopular”. Then the old woman spoke softly saying “Ah but that is the thing. I advise that you listen carefully. That young man will become very popular as he grows. He also will get very fit as time passes. I think that you should get with him as soon as possible. He will then proceed to become very rich”. This made the young girl gain interest. She quickly answered “ Well then, I shall marry him. Anyone like him would love to be with someone like me”. The old woman, before they parted said so simply “But I will warn you not to interfere with his health or nothing will change. If you have ever heard the story of the golden goose, then you will know what I mean.” The young girl flatly said, “Whatever, thank you”.

Then she left the tent without another word. Years later the young man and the girl got married. The woman did not love him though. Over the years, she began to tolerate him. When they started to grow old, the woman, who was once that young girl, waved away the warning the fortune teller had given all those years ago. Her husband had started to lose a little weight but the woman wanted more. She forced him to lose weight and yelled at him when he ate dessert. This caused the man to start to stress eat after his wife had gone to bed every night. She saw no improvement after weeks and forced him to work harder and threw away all the desserts in the house. When she forced him to go to the gym, he would miss work. Soon, he got fired and couldn't find work.

The fact that his wife had spent so much money on fine goods thinking that he would become rich, left them with little money. They had to get rid of a lot of stuff and move into a small apartment. The woman stressed the man out so much. One morning, the woman wanted to go to the mall even though she knew that they were pretty much broke. She thought that he may have some money preserved. She went to wake him up but he did not move. This was normal but something was wrong. He wasn't snoring or sleep talking. She took his pulse...there was none. She called the hospital and had him in an ambulance minutes later. The doctors told her that there was nothing that they could do. He was pronounced dead later that morning.

With no money of her own and no more family to turn to, the young woman tried to become friends the people that she had rejected as friends years prior. They had welcomed her but soon turned her w]away not wanting a burden to be paying for. She resorted to living in a tent and finally understood what it was like to be lower than everyone else. she had settled down in a large field. After about a month, she couldn't take the environment and being on the brink of starvation anymore. Her body shut down with her last thoughts being about how she had bee warned not to interfere. She died alone and a greedy person.

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24 Dec, 2019
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3 mins
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