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The Issues of Being Alone
The Issues of Being Alone

The Issues of Being Alone

2 Reviews

Misty air
stormy winds
my hoodie is up
and I'm walking

Its comfort
this sort of thing
regardless of what i should be feeling

"Don't you get cold?"
No I just said I don't
Throw on a coat
and go out the door

I'm a solitary person
so what if thats backwards
I'm a leftie
screw you

"You know you won't be able to stand it."
stand what?
being the last person on this planet
or having the closet thing to a friend be a 6 year old console?

No I don't need your counsel
or a shrink to properly give it
I can pick to go it alone
Its my choice not yours
so stop thinking I'm on the brink of insantiy

Why can't you understand it?

That some people hate others
and can't stand it being in a crowd
whether big or small it bothers them
and not being allowed to roam whenever
Is akin to severing their happiness?

I've been told not to tune the world out
that I should pay attention to the speaker up front
and not the one plugged into my ear so I don't have to hear you

But to be fair though I hear plenty
I tune out the speaker not the world
I actually listen to the swirl of noises around me
and unlike you and your groupies
I actually have a situational awareness
and to be honest if I'm not listening to music
I'm writing, sleeping, or figuring out how to survive a car wreck off I-95

Just let me do me and you do you
I'll be alone and you be buried in flesh
Don't worry
I'll come running in a crisis
Otherwise just hold your peace on your piece of advice on how I should live my life

Author Notes: Reviews are always welcome no matter how critical.

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About This Story
9 Jun, 2018
Read Time
1 min
4.0 (2 reviews)

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