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The Journal on the Train

The Journal on the Train

By Tinymonster123

Jackson got in his seat but he sighs softly feeling a little annoyed because his parents were shipping him off to his grandma’s and he hated going there but he sighs to himself. He dropped his phone and when he went to lean down but he spotted a journal which he found a tad odd. He picks up the journal along with his phone and he leans back in the seat with the journal. He opens the journal and he started to look over the entries in the journal.


Day 5… Year unknown.

I got stuck in an abandoned home and I have no idea how what’s going on outside but all I can hear is cars honking and people shouting. I’m very scared as to what is going is happening out there. How long will I be in here? I figure after maybe a few more days they will give up looking for me and I will stay stuck in here. Let me tell you how this all started. I was walking around and this old woman asked for my help. I helped her but once I got inside the door closed and locked. I can’t get out of the window, doors or through the crawl space. I have lost almost all hope of getting out of this home. After a while, I will run out of food.. Out of everything. I’m very scared. Someone will read this one day… If you are reading this don’t listen to old women who are carrying their groceries along a road. DONT EVER TRUST THEM!


Day 18… Year Unknown.

I fell asleep in the basement last night and I woke up to a dog licking my face. I pushed the dog away from me and I look around quickly really confused but I figured I have gone a little crazy since I’ve stayed here for so long. I have been seeing people around the house here lately and I try to speak but nothing comes out of my mouth anymore. It’s scaring me really bad and I’m not usually scared easily. Please help me someone! I can’t live like this anymore. My food supply has increased and the water is getting better for some reason but I can’t focus more than five minutes at a time. I’m feeling kind of sick and I need a lot of help. Please someone. I wonder if my fiance is doing okay without me. I need her to be okay. I love her so very much.


Day 40… Year Unknown.

I just realized that I’m never getting out of this place alive. I found a book and It has a story like mine. Except he got out alive but the pages that said how he got out were out of the book. “How am I going to get out?!?!” I screamed out in the house that seemed to be a killer in itself. The food was disappearing left and right. I can’t sleep at night anymore because there are these odd noises that keep me up at night. I feel like I’m going to be another person that perishes in this home. The house claims lives left and right. The book is very frustrating to me for some reason but everytime I read the book I feel even more helpless. I’m never going to make it out of this house because of what I’ve read. The book says once you are in then you stay till you stop existing. If the doors open then I will die. I miss my fiance… Please if you have found this journal then tell her that I want her to move on and I need her to love someone else like she loved me. I don’t want to see her sad while I watch over her. I will always protect her no matter what. Please, Please, don’t allow her to say she won’t move on because she will. Tell her it’s not her fault.


Day 55… The last day. Year is still unknown.

Help never came and I am writing for the last time because I’m going to get the door open. If you’re reading this then I have died and it is the last thing left of me. Please give this to my fiance, Abigail Willinger… I need her to know that I still love her no matter what. That I will think of her as I die. I need her to know that if I made it out of the I would marry her and I love her. Please don’t wait for me because I won’t be coming back for you. I love you forever and always, my dear. I don’t want you to weep while you bury me but I want you to let this feelings of grief pass. Please, allow yourself to move on from me. I need you to move on my love. Of course, I will miss her more than anything else in the world. She is my world and soul. As long as I keep her in mind then I will be able to get out of this house. Don’t fret if I die… I will look over you! Don’t stay caught up on me. You deserve to be loved again.

My name is Samuel Duncanson. Please tell her I went out doing something heroic… Please. That’s all I ask.


Jackson slammed the journal shut with tears in his eyes as he looks down at the journal. He realized that the man had such a devotion to Abigail even when Samuel knew he was dying. Could you love someone like that? Jackson felt bad for this man because of what he had read. His last journal entry was devoted to his fiance that meant the world to him. Jackson wanted a love like that but knew that it would be hard to find. Soon enough, Jackson fell asleep on the train with the journal entries swirling in his head as he slept.

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21 May, 2018
Read Time
4 mins
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