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The Journal

The Journal


The following journal was found lying in the Arizona Desert on
July 13th, 1999

May 23rd 1986 8:30 A.M
Been six hours since I took my spill on my bike, I am in a lot of pain. I broke both my legs, and can’t even move. Someone should surely come around sooner or later. In the meantime thank god I packed some goodies. I have twelve bottles of Poland Spring water, that I obtained at the local gas station when I last got gas for the Harley. “Take it, it’s free when you buy gas.” The gas station attendant had told me. I wasn’t about to pass up something for free. Anyway, I also have three bags of Doritos, a snickers’ and a Hershey Bar, yum, yum yum. (I shopped at a gas station, what do you expect me to have on me? Steak and mashed potatoes?) Also luckily I packed this damned notebook. Gimmie something to do. Figure until someone comes around, I’ll jot down some shit.

May 23rd 1986 9:00 P.M
Well, it’s been about eighteen hours now since I took my spill. Still no one came for me, I can’t say I am too surprised, after all today is Sunday. Not many people are out on Sunday, everyone is probably home in their air conditioned living rooms, watching football, and eating dinner. Damn I'm hungry…. I just ate the Hershey Bar. It was kind of melted but I didn’t care, I was hungry. The pain in my legs is killing me I can barely stand it any longer. I sure hope permanent damage won’t be done. Someone will definitely come tomorrow, I know it. In the meantime, I will just keep my mind occupied by writing in this little notebook, it keeps my mind off the pain.

May 24th 1986 7:00 A.M
Well, I woke up early. Along from the pain and the damn crows cawing all morning how can anyone rest? I drank about 3 bottles of water this morning, my mouth was so dry, I couldn’t seem to quench my thirst. My stomach was also growling so I ate a bag of Doritos, and a Snickers’. Damn I hope someone comes soon, it is a scorcher out here today, must be 100 degrees already.

May 24th 1986 1:40 P.M
Well, no one came yet. I am down to only three bottles of water left. Maybe I should start to save incase no one comes today. I don't wanna be here all night with no water. I’ll take little sips I guess. The pain in my legs seems to be getting worse I can’t stand it much longer.

May 25th 1986 2:30 A.M
I just woke up, I heard growling it scared the shit out of me, I think it might have been some kind of wolf, or something. Are there even wolves in Arizona? Damn I wish I studied harder in school. Well whatever the fuck it was it is gone now. But I don't think I’ll be falling back to sleep anytime soon. I think I’ll drink some more water. My damn mouth is dry as hell.

May 25th 3:45 P.M
Well here it is late afternoon on the 25th, more the fifty hours since I took my spill, and still no one came to my rescue. Where the fuck is everyone?! I am running out of food, and water. I am down to a bottle and a half of water, and only one bag of fucking chips left. I can honestly say I am beginning to get a little scared now. My legs stopped hurting so much, it is down to a light dull throb now. But I don't think that’s a good thing. They’re black, and smell bad. Infection I think. Someone better come soon.

May 26th 2:38 A.M
Well, I'm hungry

May 26th 6:39 P.M
No one came yet, I am sweating like a pig I think the infection in my legs is getting worse. I don't know maybe I can find a way to crawl somewhere. I am sweating like crazy, must be the infection

May 27th 1:08 A.M
I need a screwdriver.

May 27th 4:00 P.m
I been here a year I think I haven’t had any water since the night of the 25th, been about thirty hours. I hear you can only live three days without water, so someone better come soon. I think I am getting a bit delirious, I saw at one o’clock this morning I wrote I need a screwdriver, what the fuck does that mean? I don't even remember writing that. Some crazy shit huh?

May 28th 3:00 A.M
I can’t find my tooth brush, and I need to brush my teeth before the school bus comes.

May 28th 3:40 P.M
Well I am feeling a little better, I saw a beetle I ate the shit whole. Tasted pretty good actually.

May 28th 7 P.M
Well I drank the last few sips of my water, I tried to save it the longest I could but what can I say, I'm a thirsty guy. I came to the conclusion no one is going to come to my rescue. So I think I am going to die, I will write my will on this piece of paper.

May 29th 3:00 A.M
Dear diary I am fucked.

May 29th 3:08 A.M
Dear journal, I forgot to write out my will. To my family, and friends I leave you shit. No literally shit. I hear when you die, your bodily fluids come out, so I want you to have the shit that’s gonna be in my pants.

May 29th 11:00 A.M
Wow I must’ve been hallucinating pretty bad last night, my last entry was disgusting.

May 45th? 33:018 Z.M
I think I farted,

Mayeo 17thy 537 t.M
I found a wallet…. ieni

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