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The Key Stoned Cat: Chapter 1
The Key Stoned Cat: Chapter 1

The Key Stoned Cat: Chapter 1

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My name is Kenley, some people just call me Ken. I was growing up in a small neighborhood; My sister Kayla and I lived with our mom, living normal lives. Then the end of the world started.

Natural disasters started popping up all over. Some stronger or stranger than others. When I say strange, I mean things like Death Valley flooding, and the Great Lakes going dry. They’re not normal, everyone and everything is in chaos.

I was Fifteen, and there was a tornado in Provo Utah, followed shortly by a huge earthquake. I was walking home from school with Kayla when we saw the tornado. We tried to get to the house to find Mom when it was half demolished by flying debris. When we got to our house, we looked in the less damaged portion of the house. Mom wasn’t there; had she gone on a surprise visit to the store? Or was she under all of the debris? If so, we couldn’t help her. It was all too heavy.

When the tornado finally disappeared, we all thought we were safe, then the ground started to shake and we were all knocked off our feet. What little left of our house collapsed, leaving nothing but a pile of rubble. My cat Luna was all that was left. She ran out of the ruined house and jumped into my arms, just as terrified as I was. I pet her grey fur, getting what little comfort I could.

The days after that were spent in confusion. Kayla and I never found our mom. She wasn’t in the wreckage of the house, and we couldn’t find her at any of the stores she might have gone to. What happened to her? Where was she?

There were shelters set up to help people like us, the people whose houses had been destroyed and didn’t have a home. We stayed there for about a week until the KSU found us. The KSU stood for KeyStone United; a group of people who were trying to save the world.

I was on my way back to where my sister and I were staying after eating some dinner. Kayla was already there and getting some sleep. A man in a black suit and sunglasses walked toward me. The first thing I thought was that this guy was a secret agent, according to all the movies I had seen, this is what they looked like.

“Hey, kid,” the man said, “Come here.”

Hesitantly, I walked toward him and asked, “Can I help you?”

“As a matter of fact,” he said, “you can.”

“With what?”

“I am Agent Conner of the KSU. This Might be hard to believe, but we need your help saving the world.”

“Me?” I asked, confused, “What can I do? What do you mean by We? What’s the KSU?”

He was right, what he had to tell was hard to believe. He went on to a long explanation that confused me greatly. Pretty much, nature in our world was starting to collapse, and there was only one thing that could bring back the balance nature needed: a keystone. When you hear the word keystone, you think of a piece of stone at the center on an arch. When the keystone is removed, the arch collapses. That is essentially what this kind of keystone is; the keystone keeps the balance between nature, When removed, nature collapses. About Five years ago, an organization called the HKS or the Hunters of the KeyStones(I know, these guys are bad at acronyms) were bent in world destruction. They found the keystone and destroyed it.

Then, he told me that there was only one person at a time that could create a keystone. The KSU knew that finding that one person was the only way to stop the HKS from succeeding. I was still confused about why they needed me. So I asked him.

“You are that one person,” he told me, “and we have been looking for you for five years.”

“What? Me?” Of course, I didn’t believe him, “How do you know it's me?”

“I forgot to mention the guardian,” Agent Conner said, “the guardian is what holds the keystone. This guardian always stays near the stone keeper, which is you, and a new one comes every time the old guardian dies. The last guardian was a flying fox bat, who lived in Madagascar. To destroy a keystone, you must kill the guardian first. See, the guardian usually eats the Keystone, so nobody can reach it, it's strange but true. Now tell me, how long have you had your cat?”

“Luna?” I asked, “About five years. She was just a kitten and she showed up on our doorstep. We couldn’t find her owner, so my mom let me keep her.”

Luna was standing by my feet and Agent Conner picked her up.

“Did you ever notice her scar?”

“Yes, I thought they were just some random scratches or something.”

Agent Conner placed his hand on Luna’s forehead and the barley visible scars began to glow.

I gasped “What did you do?”

“I simply activated her inner power,” Agent Conner replied calmly, “Look, these symbols are Chinese for ‘Guard’. Every guardian ever recorded had one.”

I looked, and sure enough, there were some old, Chinese looking symbols:



That’s where it all began; I went back to Kayla and explained all that I had learned. She took it all surprisingly well. She was thirteen and had a big imagination. She was mostly jealous that it had been me and not her. We then gathered all of our things, which wasn’t much, just our bedding, toothbrushes, clothes and a few other things. We headed down the street to Agent Conner’s car and put everything into the trunk of the car and got into the car. Agent Conner told us that we would be driving for a few hours and get some sleep.

“Conner?” Kayla asked.

“Yes?” Agent Conner answered.

“Do you know what happened to our mom?”

The car was silent for a moment. Kayla and I were both wondering what has happened to our mom, and we were sure that the KSU knew.

“Commander Ferrol will tell you what we know.”

“Who is that?” I asked

“The guy in charge of the whole entire KSU,” Agent Connor said, “He will be able to answer any questions you have.”

We drove for about 4 hours when we stop in front of an apartment building. I was expecting some secret cave or maybe a skyscraper, there was just a rundown apartment building. We got out of the car and headed inside. Agent Conner brought us over to the elevator and took us to the 3rd floor. We stopped in front of room 23 and Agent Conner knocked.

“Come in,” said a voice from the other side.

Agent Conner led us inside and told us to sit in some chairs in front of a desk. Behind the desk was a smiling man in a black suit. He had pale olive skin and messy black hair.

“Hello,” the man said, “I am Commander Ferrol. I will explain everything later. For now, I know you have some questions.”

“Yes,” I started to say, “I…”

“Do you know what happened to our mom?” Kayla interrupted.

Commander Ferrol’s smile faded, “Yes, I do.”

“What?” Kayla and I both asked impatiently.

Commander Ferrol’s face turned grim, “She was taken by the HKS.”



Author Notes: This story is based on a dream I had. Some of my dreams are weird, but this one seemed like a good story.

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19 Feb, 2020
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