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The Kill

The Kill

By britneynumber1

The Kill

After Holloween was over, Michaela and her husband Don went into their inn that they were staying at, "Michaela, come quickly." said Don. "What is it, darling?" said Michaela.
No body ever seen what Don seen, Michaela could not see what was going on, no one did, except for Don. But as Don looked at the dead body, he seemed to notice that it was one of his ancestors from a long time ago, that his father told him about, but who would've killed him? No body seemed to notice the dead body, except for Don. "You don't see it?" said Don. "Honey, I don't know what you are talking about! Maybe you are hallucinating, get some sleep, and maybe you'll feel better tomorrow." said Michaela. "You might be right." said Don. So they
fell asleep, and woke up the next morning, the dead body was still there, and no one would see except for Don, it was right beside of the bedpost. "Honey! I still see a dead body! I am not hallucinating this time." said Don. ''Honey, are you still playing tricks on me?" said Michaela. "No! I swear I see it! I am not hallucinating!" said Don. ''Honey, eat some breakfast, come on, you love waffles." said Michaela. Now remember, Don is a detective, and he hasn't seen many crimes like this one in his house. "I love you honey, but I have to leave for work." said Don.

Well, he had to speak to his boss about this whole situation. "Mr. Belcher, I am so sorry to interrupt you, but I have to tell you something, it is urgent." said Don. "Go ahead, I mean, it can't be that bad." said Mr. Belcher. ''When I woke up this morning, there was a dead body of one of my ancestors it looked like." said Don. "Let me go to your house, and let me take a look, at these, uh, bodies." said Mr. Belcher. ''But, there is one thing I have to say before you take a look at them." said Don. ''And, what is that?" said Mr. Belcher. "No one can see them, but me, and I swear up and down that I saw them, strange, isn't it?" said Don. "Well, if they are not in sight, I cannot help you at all." said Mr. Belcher.

"You can't even investigate to see who killed them?'' said Don. "I am sorry, but if they cannot be seen, then I cannot do no researches on them, I am sorry, Don, but I just can't." said Mr. Belcher. "But...." said Don. "No buts, I told you, I cannot do any scientific researches until they are visible." said Mr. Belcher. ''What if, I told you what he looked like?'' said Don.
"I am sorry, but I have too many cases to solve right now, maybe some other time." said Mr. Belcher. "Fine, if you won't do it for me, I will." said Don. "That's good, but we have two other cases that we are trying to solve." said Mr. Belcher. "Okay, 'Mico Kindo' that name sounds familiar." said Don. "Well, if you know who she is, speak up right now." said Mr. Belcher.
"I do not know for sure." said Don. Don saw this strange oil painting beside of him on the wall. "Mr. Belcher, where did you get that painting from?" said Don. "We are not focusing on the paintings, Don, get back to researching!" said Mr. Belcher. Don was doing his research, but he still felt something strange about that oil painting on the wall, it was a painting of a little girl, wearing a white dress and a petticoat. But, the strange thing was, just a body was there, no part of her head was in the painting.

So Don was still doing his researching, and was still thinking of that strange painting. "I found the killer, his name is Monroe Wilson." said Don. "Monroe, Wilson?" said Mr. Belcher. "Yea, what about him?" said Don. "He is my, my brother!" said Mr. Belcher. The police and their crew rushed down to CMT Political Banking Office. "Put your hands in the air!" said Don. "You're under arrest!" said Mr. Belcher. So they were interrogating the suspect, and was trying to ask him about the dead bodies in Mr. Sued's house. "Are you sure you weren't in my house that night?" said Don. "I, uh, okay, I was, I saw Red kill them." said Monroe. "Who's Red?" said Don. "The cashier at the old comedy record store....." said Monroe. "Thank you." said Don. So Don and Mr. Belcher went down to the old comedy record store, and said: "Red, this is the police, I believe we are going to have to arrest you." said Don. "Why, I haven't done anything!" said Red. "Killing bodies!" said Don. "What are you talking about?" said Red. "Come with me, we have to ask you a few questions." said Don. "What did you do with those dead bodies?" said Don.

"What dead bodies?" said Red. "You know, the dead bodies by the side of my bedpost, the ones that you killed and put invisible glue over them." said Don. "I, I don't know what you are talking about." said Red. "Tell us, or we'll lock you, and your friend Monroe up in jail for 56 years, exact." said Don. "Okay! I did it!" said Red.

The End

Author Notes: Enjoy!

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18 Apr, 2013
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5 mins
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