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the killer

the killer

By haleyhayseed

on one halloween night bethenne and brittney went to a killer party on hackmans hill some people say hackman is dangerous and he has killed everyone who has had a party up there so everyone was having an awsome time they dident even expect anyone was even going to be killed that night until they told the story of a killer who only killed teenagers like bethenne and brittney so they told the stories of the killer or who they think the killer is so everyone thought it would be cool to look for the killer and kill him there selves so everyone had there own little path to look for the killer so every one grabbed a flashlight and a walkie talkie incase they really run into the killer so bethenne and brittney went together they thought ha were never going to find the killer so they triped over somthing hard and they felt a sharp pain they finally descoverd they have been stabed by the killers trap and the others heard their screams and they rushed to them to see what happend and they were gone and the only thing left was there CUT OFF HEAD TIED TO A TREE

Author Notes: sorry this is so boring

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17 Nov, 2013
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1 min
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