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The Kind Heart
The Kind Heart

The Kind Heart


The Kind Heart

In the begining of a Love Story that was being read to a young girl whom is about seventeen years old has never been invovled in anothers arms as she puts her head back and closes her eyes to sleep.

In the early morning this young girl entangled in her sheets rises and slowly removes them from her body. The sun shines brightly into her room as she changes into her dress for going out. Her mind has always been wandering ever since she could understand words and actions used by others in her life. This has usually made her think of those who surround her, as she likes to think in her warm high tower that maybe one day, she will find what it means to be with someone. Learn about love and the lust which would fill her heart and then be covered by loss and hope of maybe being free one day.

Her name is Catherine and she is a royal princess who was brought to the tower for her protection, although thats what she believed when arriving there at age five. Now she is a lot older and can imagine what it would be like to be around others as normal. In her mind she does not beileve there is a normal only a world of fighting and racing to live and be alive.

Catherine walks about in her dress which she adores and follows a man downstairs to the grounds outside. There are many things she likes to do but is always alone which saddens her. Others around the castle can see her but nobody interact with her as she is to be treated like she is of no importance because of her parent's who were just poor friends of the King to which he had promised to raise and look after for them.

Walking along the footpath where the daisies blew from side to side in the calm breeze she looks over as she always does. It makes her smile to see those around her enjoying themsleves and wearing find clothes but she also notices a man. A strong dark mysterious man, in a dark blue uniform gazing at her from across this one stretch of grass on the other side. Her head comes down quickly as does not the attention and knows it can be forbidden because she isn't of high class.

The walking from her small red shoes continues and then a pause. "Hello, my name is Sir James, can I ask what your's may be?" he politely asks with a smile of content.

"You may ask young man but I may not give it" she hesitantly replied.

"And why is that my lady?"

"I was taught never to give information of any kind to a stanger, which you seem to be and you are mistaken as I am not a lady" she hint's with a touch to his hand and a smile before turning away.

"I was also taught that my dear and is very true but then how is one to meet others if they do not talk" he explained.

"You are very true Sir James and you have made me see a new side of this conversation. To keep it flowing would you like to walk with me?" she whispered and directed a root with her hand that they could follow back to the castle.

Catherines heart was pounding as she had never really felt this expereince before and it excited her that it was possible to walk with others by her side. Maybe she wasn't to hide so much anymore.

They both talked for a while. The King was approaching them, her head was getting light and her heart had gained pace because she was scared and alarmed at what she was doing and that maybe it had been a test. The King showed respect in his words but had disapproved of her actions which she was then taken to her room and Sir James was to keep away because the King would find her a match that suited her likeness in society.

It was too late Catherine had fallen for him and she wanted to see him. It was difficult that any of this was right in anothers eyes but she wasn't thinking of everyone just them both. After a few weeks had passed the King had sent for her to announce that she is to marry Sir James. Her thoughts couldn't process as yes, she liked this man but she wasn't ready for marriage. The realtionship just started and was going much faster than she liked. Everyone looked at her with pleasure and kindness which was strange to feel and take in because she was a nobody and was now to become a someone.

Sir James walked to her and held her hand that had no grip. He smiled and told her that he was going to make her happy, that they were going to be an item but in her heart she had stopped, frozen and screaming because there was no knowing what he was going to do to her or what kind of a man he was going to be.

Silence filled the room and she took a deep breath."Do we have time to build our trust for one another and gain knowledge of each of our lives?" Catherine pleaded. They all could see she was scared and so she was sent without an answer to her room. Sir James came after her and talked her through everything as she sat tensed and distant on the side of her bed.

"I would never harm you Catherine" he proclaimed in the aim of recieving the pleasure of her smile.

Her head lifted from it's low drop and looked at him in his light blue eyes that she adored before and explained as bold as she could that she has never had a friendship or any relationship outside of these walls, and now Now! of all time has to be married to a man she doesn't really know other than what we have spoken about, and build a life that frightens me because I have not had many oppertunities in her own life.

As the days grew warmer because of the sun and both individuals knew that it was only the day after tomorrow that their vows and ceremony would take place, they grew fond of each others company and wanted to finally do this which would give her title, land and means to support herself. It also allowed her to appreciate the survivial outside of the room she was once trapped within.

It was the night before and temptation was linguering through each of their doors from the play of them passing funny notes to each other. Catherine went to his door which was opened with Sir james only in a robe and her, jst in her silk night gown that could compliment her figure as well as her small natural assessts.

He invited her in to which he knew it was probably wrong to do but there was no guards anywhere and she sat by his bed and looked around which showed her nerves a little. His hand began to touch hers and she jumped a little because she had no experience of being intimate.

He told her in a soft whispering tone to relax and trust him. Her eyes could see his manly fit body as she brought her eyes up to meet his and they stood staring at what they were going to have. It was time and she was ready to be taken the day before they got married. He walked her over tot he other side of the bed and slipped off his robe as she did with her nightgown. His hand slowly slid up her legs and into her place of virtue which he began to play. Her whole body tingled and she shouted in pleasure as he contiued by kissing her all over.

He was very large and ready to make the pleasure they both wanted to endure. Her head lifted up and she stared at the ceiling while taking the whole magical moment filled with love. Her heart was kind and true and now knew what it was like to feel warmth and commited to another through the act of love.

When they had finished she went back to her room and closed the door prepared for her wedding day. It was something she never thought she would ever have or feel but it was and she didn't want it to change. There eyes met as they held hands in the great hall and was ready when the time came to do the deed.

Sir James had been so kind to her that in her eyes he had gained her, her freedom as well as a chance to live and have a family. It was because of him she could free herself from the King's tower and be the Lady Catherine that everyone saw now and fully respected even in the eyes of the King. It was all for a kind heart that they both shared and had made both their worlds better, especially for their family to come.

They stayed members of the court and visited on occations to see the King and his friends. Whenever they are asked of how it became that they were wed, the story usually starts with the Kind heart of a man that was met outside of the castle and one she began to like and then love.

The end

Louise Clark

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3 Jun, 2017
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