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The "L" word

The "L" word

By Aaronlime1

wow i dont now what i is but everytime, everyday i think about you,
i dont know what to do,
your a million miles away ugh im so confused,
i want to say i love you but im afraid of what youll say,
whenever i see someone that looks like you i wanna run up to to that person and hug them like crazy
but dissapointment flashes across my face when its not you...
my mind loves playin these tricks on me all the time...
i cant take i love you,
i know i barely know you and you me....
but i cant understand ive loved someone before you and now its different i never thought i could love someone again but its like
god anwered my prayer by giving me my pperfect mate.....
and he gave me you
i thank him you
you respect me
you treat me right
you make me happy
and when im sad you make me happy
i love you
you are my sun on a cloudy day
i dont know what to say its you and me baby all the way

I love this story ( i didnt write it but i just love (like some"thing" else i know) :) )

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About This Story
23 Apr, 2010
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1 min
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