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The Lady or the Tiger?
The Lady or the Tiger?

The Lady or the Tiger?


Despite the hot sun, a guilty and cold shiver runs through me as I watch a tall, beautiful maidservant greeted by my lover. He gleams in the overwhelming reassurance that he will live to see another day, to see another year. His happiness grabs at my feet and wisps me into a light, airy sensation. But then there’s Gloria: the tall and beautiful maidservant who will forever live with my Joseph. Jealousy is a hot, sweltering flame that rises throughout my body as I come to this horrid realization. Calm, I think to myself, you need to stay calm. It has to be this way. It can only be this way. My mind is battling a war within itself; was this the right thing to do? Surely it’s better this way than that of my Joseph being torn and shrewd, eradicated to a million pieces by an orange beast, isn’t it?

There has to be another way. There has to be a way where Joseph and I can get through this together. I walk calmly into the arena and tell the priest to go home. He questions me, but when he sees the ferocity that jealousy and anger can give to a woman with such power, he turns and leaves. I then walk to Joseph, feeling the entire arena’s eyes on me. Their cheers and wedding chimes are echoing through my skull and it’s fueling my drive to finish this all the more. I tell Joseph to wait behind the arena. Then, as I unlatch the door to the gnashing teeth of a tiger, I shove Gloria into the tiger’s cage and the whole arena listens and watches as Gloria is ripped from herself, her skin being scraped off of her body like paper from a notebook. The sounds of screaming (that of those who are in the arena and Gloria herself) bounce from the arena’s walls and reflect back, making my own ears vibrate in the shrieking sounds of a tiger tearing the legs off of Gloria, the beautiful maidservant.

My back is to my father as I stand to watch the final moments of Gloria Flutherince tear through the air like a knife; a final scream escaping her lungs as they are encased by the jaws of a Tiger. Feeling content with the knowledge that my Joseph will never have to live with Gloria the maidservant, I walk out of the arena as I hear the Tiger playing with Gloria’s dead body, flipping it into the air like it’s some kind of a cat’s toy. I hear the hired mourners question each other as to whether or not it would be appropriate to mourn. “You may mourn now.” I announce as I walk through the passageway of the arena.

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8 Nov, 2016
Read Time
2 mins
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