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The Lamb of a Demon Ch 4
The Lamb of a Demon Ch 4

The Lamb of a Demon Ch 4


Chapter 4: Hands are for fighting

The figure body seem to have grown into that of a woman's body when the figure removed its cloak. It seemed to have grown. It's physique is slender, and body that once was once golden brown now splash with black and white all over it covering it from head to toe. The figure has no breasts, no genitalia, and no anus. It seems to have a body of mannequin with no sign of life or pleasure to it. The appearance of little girl doll without clothes seem to fit the figure appearance now. It did transform into its original fallen form in front of Azriel eyes. Its eyes however remained the samed.

Azriel eyes however not surpass that of human world. So therefore, couldn't see her transformation. He marvels at the creature new form. But he notice something. Her horns that's pointing backwards into her skull has cracks and vines in them. As if somone or something tried to break them.

"So, you really did that to me huh?" Azriel asks. So tell me demon girl. How are they back on my body?" He says flexing his shoulder muscles around.

"From me healing you." Demon Girl replies.

"If you're a demon and you know I wanted to die why heal me? Should had just let me die." Azriel says.

"Cause I rather for you to kill yourself than me. I watch over you for twenty five years, Azirel. And at the age of twenty two you decided to kill yourself cause your birther died from illness and with your father not around or no siblings that a be an end to your bloodline. But like you, I also want to die." The figure speaks to Azirel.

"But before we both go how bout we leave our mark on this earth? By making a kingdom in your name." It said continuing to speak to him

"My name?" Azriel asks.

"Yes, with this ship we'll travel the unknown in search of people from all parts of the world. Those who wish to flee and run from their homes and wish to start a new life elsewhere. This a be it, Azriel. The more life this ship has to it, the more it will grow. And you will be the one that will lead these people till we'll both succumb to our deaths." The figure speaks to Azriel.

"How am i suppose to lead these people if I'll be dead?" Azriel asks.

"A human possessing your last name is enough. With or without blood relation." The figure answers.

"That alone will carry on your will and your kingdom will continue to grow even after our deaths. Many nations still stand till this day not because of blood relation, but simply by a last name of a human." The figure says walking towards Azriel.

"But the only way for any of this to happen is for you to sign the contract spoke of to you." The figure says.

The figure continue walking towards him till its a few feet in front of him. She holds her hand out and the contract appeares over it with flames around it then the flames disappear.

"With this you'll gain the family you always wanted and die trying in the process. Me? I'll die along with you and also leave my mark on this earth. Me simply doing this is forbidden. God and Lucifer will hunt me till the ends of the earth till they have my head." The figure says.

"So if either one of us die that a be it? Both of our existence will be nothing but memories. No, not even memories. Neither one of us will ever be remember. But this kingdom we will build here and now will be remember and remain strong" Azriel says.

"......Yes." The figure answers.

They both stare each other in the eyes trying to find which one of them is weaker than the other. Plotting to see which one maybe lying. Or they both found something to agree on. Azriel goes to the grab contract but before he do he saw a white feather slowly float down in between both of them. He look up and behind the Demon Girl and saw a figure standing on the ships flag pole.

The Demon Girl when healed Azriel shares a two second visual link with him whenever he feels fany type of fear. The Demon Girl also felt the fear that Azriel felt but was to late in responding and felt a kick into her back sending her flying into the ships exterior. The kick knocks Azriel to the side but he sustianed no injuries or even felt no force from the Demon Girl body hitting his own. The ship also didn't suffer any damage from the force of the Demon Girl body hitting its exterior. The figure that kick the Demon Girl feet slowly touchs the ships flooring.

She has on clothes of that of martial artist, they're all black from head to toe, her pants are tuck into her knee high boots, her torso clothing is mid chested which exposes her waist, belly button and some cleavage, the arm length is to long covering her hands and arms making it hard for Azriel to see them, and she has on necklace with a mini sword as its symbol. Her appearance is white as snow with slender physique and breasts that of a young woman, with hair black as the abyss that come to her ear lobes, eyes red as a rose, and a face sharp as knife.

The figure looks at Azriel and holds her hand out. She release which looks to be some type of bubble from around Azriel. Azriel looks to see if the Demon Girl is ok. The figure feels his concern and charges at the Demon Girl once again ensuring he doesn't see her health status. Her speed seem to be unmatch even by space ans time itself. The figure punches outward at the Demon Girl sending a shockwave throughout earths atmosphere, but her punch seem to be halted by something. The Demon Girl lying on the ground seemed to be unaffected by the punch as she slowly gets herself together.

"What a punch Rory." The Demon Girl said to Rory.

"Your sister died for this Agetia?" Rory asks Agetia.

She replies by getting into the cross leg position and putting her hands together. Rory never saw what she did but heard the swinging of her chains. She jumps back to Azriel and put her hands up into a boxers guarding stance. Her left foot is off the ships flooring only with her toes remaining on it. Azriel eyes jump back and fourth at both parties trying to figure out what was going on. Rory sticks her hand out again surrounding Azriel in a bubble shape like force. Azriel punches, pounds, and scratches at the bubble but nothing works.

"Hey! Let me out here!" Azriel yells pounding on the bubble.

And before he knows it bursts. He look and saw an arm dripping with silver in color returning back to its original source which was Agetia. And that wasn't the only one. It was five of them all together. One was holding a sword, a shield, a bow, and the other two was just empty handed it. The empty hand one freed Azriel.

"What are those?" Azriel asks allowed.

"The reason she fell from heaven." Rory replies.

Author Notes: Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

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