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The Lamb of a Demon Ch 8
The Lamb of a Demon Ch 8

The Lamb of a Demon Ch 8


Chapter 8 A resistance without an heart

Lucifer struggle to stand to his feet but after a few seconds he finally does with help from Zaphaella. Lucifer look around at the bloody battlefield to only see angels blood staining the grass that he stands on. The few that are left are tending to those who are hurt.

"Zaphaella, I'm fine. Use your arrows and tend to those who need help. I'll go help Rampel." Lucifer said looking at Rampel fight against the two archangels.

"But Lucifer when we fell you took most of the impact from the fall. How you're still alive is beyond me." Zaphella says in bewilderment.

"I'm ok. Assist the others at once." Lucifer says spreading his wings out and teleporting to Rampel location in the sky.

Zaphaella had her bow around her body. She took it from around her body and get into an bow stance. She draws the bow string back as far as she can and let it go. Pink arrows shoots out and splash into her allies bodies and healing their wounds. She does bout five more times ensuring that their all healed from their wounds. Zaphaella arrows can reach any amount of distance as longs her eyes remained focus on the location that is. Zaphaella and the other angels who start to come to watch the ongoing battle in the sky. Zaphaella didn't notice until now but Agetia isn't within in there ranks.

"Has anyone seen Agetia?!" Zaphaella yells to the fallen angels.

The angels shrug and shake there heads at Zaphaella question.

A sword come crashing down at the back of Rampel before it is block by a black feather like sword.

"How was your nap, boss?" Rampel asks facing Michael.

Michael eyes pinpoint onto a pale skin figure with black hair standing back to back with Rampel. Gazardiel lock eyes with Lucifer and his sword before giving distance between each other. Gazardeil looks at Michael for brief moment before a sword slides across her face just missing it.

"I'll be your opponent Gazardeil." Lucifer tells her holding his sword out to her.

Now Gazardeil was swordsman who excels only at one thing. And that's killing her opponent. When the massacre of the humans started her body count was unmatched by other archangels. Whenever she pick her sword up her intent was to always kill as if she was some kind of animal trying to survive. Lucifer charges at her and the two exchange blows. Michael focusing on them two take a right hook from Rampel fist.

"Rampel listen to me brother." Michael says as his face turned from the right hook.

"Stop now while you still have the chance.' Michael says with his face still turned sideways.

Rampel hears Michael words but ignores them. Agetia continue to exchange fists with Rampel student whose not letting her get near the other fallen angels. The angel dodges swings from Agetia sword not letting it hit her once. She flips backwards and land properly on her feet. She looks up at the sky and saw that Lucifer and Gazardeil are fighting. She has to keep Agetia distracted a little bit longer. She rushes at her again and again causing her fatigue to get lower every time Agetia swings her steel blade at her causing her to dodge every time. However, her body doesn't give into it cause of her mentality to keep fighting till the end or till she succumb to death. Rampel student begin to breath heavily from exhaustion after finally one to many dodges from Agetia sword. Agetia take notice of this and unsheathes her second sword.

"It seem you reach your limit angel." Agetia says getting into her sword stance.

"You have also. I know that whenever you're push to your limit you decide to use both use swords. Your sister cause you to use two swords cause you could never match her strength in heaven." The angel said to Agetia.

"You're right angel. She did push me to my limits like no other. She's also the reason why I sided with Luicfer." Agetia says explaing.

"Huh?" The angel says.

Agetia answer it by teleporting behind the angel with both her swords held high over both their heads aiming to take the angel head off her shoulders. Agetia just bout does before an black arrow knocks both her swords out her hands and to the ground. She look to the distance where the arrow came from. She saw Zaphaella with her bow aimed at her and after few seconds she shakes her head at Agetia. Agetia follow orders and listens to Zaphaella. Agetia picks her swords up and sheathes them into her holsters.

"What's your name?" Agetia asks the angel.

"...Rory." The angel quietly replies.

"We'll see each again during judgment day Rory." Agetia says walking away from the Rory.

"We will." Rory says lifting her head as white tattoo color marking disappear from her face.

Zaphaella looks at Agetia walking towards her location, she takes aim at Agetia wit her bow, and fires an pink arrow at her. The arrow hit Agetia causing her body to disappear and then reappear next to Zaphaella.

"Why you stop me Zaphaella? Isn't she our enemy?" Agetia ask appearing next to Zaphaella.

"Yes. But an enemy who doesn't know why they're fighting for a cause isn't an enemy worth killing Agetia." Zaphaella answers tending back to an fallen angel.

Agetia look out at the distance at Rory who stands to both her feet.

"She know why." Agetia says as she look up to the sky at Rampel and Lucifer fighting against the two archangels.

"How you holding up over there, boss?" Rampel asks Lucifer.

"She has always been tough one Rampel. She's like a lion looking for its next prey. And we're it Rampel" Lucifer answers to Rampel.

"I don't know bout that boss. I don't know if I taste good." Rampel said jokingly

All the talking come to a sudden halt when a loud horn rings out in the sky. The fallen angels on the ground look to the sky when the horn rang out. Lucifer, Rampel, Michael, and Gazadeil fighting come to an sudden halt also. The horn rings out seven times all together cuasing the angels on the ground to cover their ears since it was so loud. Not paying attention Rampel feels a sudden impact to his back. Then he felt his wings being grab by something. He look to see Rory his student with her foot into his back and her hands on his wings. He give her a smile. A tear slide down her cheek. She rips Rampel wings from his back like a kid ripping wings from an butterfly and kick him to earth's ground causing an impact.

"Rampel!" Lucifer screams out.

Lucifer attacks Rory and she dodges his blade. Gazardeil teleport to Rory location and swings her blade reckless at Lucifer. While Lucifer is being distracted by Gazardeil, Rory teleport behind him and grab his wings. She tried to rips his wings off next but fail to. But that also was an distraction cause soon as he turn around Michael's mallet impact his chest while Gazardeil blade punctures his back. If Rory was a second later dodging Gazardeil blade, it would had took her life. The chains that was around Michael mallet wraps Lucifer body tightly like a candy wrapper causing him to feel like her weigh more than the earth itself. He drops his sword. Michael grabs the chains that's wrap around Lucifer body and throw him towards his fallen angels. Luicfer body hits the earth ground causing an impact. The chains shoot out from Lucifer body aiming to wrap up all the fallen angels. Some try to escape from the chains but fail to. Zaphaella is the last line of hope. She aims her bow at the chains that's wrapping around the fallen angels one by one.

"Zaphaella!" Agetia screams out rushing towards her.

A sword bursts through Zapahella chest. She turn to see that it's Gazardeil. She look out at the distance and aim her bow at Lucifer while Gazardeil blade is still in her chest. She shoots a black arrow out towards Lucifer. Lucifer with chains around his entire body saw this through one expose eye through the chains. His eye widen as the arrow get closer to him but disappears as it was just to bout to free him.

"No!" Lucifer screams out in agonizing pain as he saw Gazardeil decapitate Zapahella with one swing of her blade in front of his eye.

"Ahh!" Agetia screams charging towards Gazardeil unsheathing her swords .

Gazardeil saw as Agetia charging towards her. Agetia comes to a sudden halt as the chains grabs at her wrist causing her to drop her swords. Agetia continue to scream out at Gazardeil. Gazardeil just looks at her as if she's little kid who didn't get her way.

"Next time little sister." Gazardiel says as she begin to float up off the ground.

Agetia continue to scream at her. Lucifer heard the pain in all his fallen angels voices screams as the chains wrap around them. Then suddenly something snaps within his mind. His body begin to change physically. His skin turn coal black and his once smooth pale skin turn into scales, yellow thin eyes like that of a snake, horns begin to protrude from his forehead, he start to grow in height to the point where he's at least 80 stories tall, and a tail grow from out his bottom. He lets out scream which isn't a scream but black flames of fire instead. He scorch half the half with one scream. The fallen angels begin to grow Luciferhorns also. Agetia skin turn black and white and her black hair grows in length till it comes to her butt. Gazadeil distracted by her sister transformation didn't hear Michael and Rory screams. A long silvery arm holding a sword slices her body in half. The arm is coming out of her sister's back. The arm return to Agetia body. Horns began to grow out of her forehand from her sister death. A lighting bolt shoots from out of heaven poking a hole within the earth. Flames shoots up from within the earth. The hole begin to suck Lucifer and his fallen angels into it. Lucifer let out one final scream that can be seen from heaven itself. The flames engulf Lucifer and all his fallen angels. Trapping them at bottomless pit of neverending fire. The earth began to heal itself from the ligthing bolt. Michael and Rory take one final look and return to heaven. Rory look at plains of earth.

"Rory." Michael says in a stern voice.

"Yes." Rory says as she make her back to heaven with Michael.

Author Notes: Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

Edit: I'm looking for editor who like to edit stories in there spare time. I need some of my stories proofread and edit. Please contact me on here if you're interested.

Lamb of Demon is on halt due to me having writers block for it.

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