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The Lamb of a Demon Ch2
The Lamb of a Demon Ch2

The Lamb of a Demon Ch2


Chapter 2 A nightmare with some truth to it

"Ahh!" A startle Azriel wakes up yelling in his bed. He looks around in his bedroom confuse for a moment as to what's going on. He looks at his arms and then yanks his bed sheet away from his legs touching them and even going as far as to smack them to see if they work. They do to his surprise.

"What happen? He says aloud to himself while rubbing his forehead in disbelief. Was it a nightmare?" He said question his sanity.

He looks at the clock on his nightstand next to his bed.

"Shit! I overslept." He gets up and sit at the edge of bed still thinking of what happen to him last night. Or did it even happen and it was all a nightmare he continue to think to himself. He stands up and walk to his bedroom door before it slams shut. Azriel stand frozen at his bedroom door. He feels like something is behind but fear is telling him not to look while curiosity is telling him to look. He waits for a brief second and then give into curiosity to see what's behind him. He slowly turns around and see the cloak figure from his nightmare sitting on the edge of his bed where he just got up from. It's still cloak from head to toe but there's something different about it this time. It looks smaller physical then it did before. Last time he thought he could overpower it but lost his limbs even thinking bout it. So he decided to play it safe this time.

"Ok.....what do you want? The cloak figure never answers. Can you understand me? A few seconds go by and still no answer from it. Ok, how did you get in here then?" Still the cloak figure never answer his questions. It just sits there like it's frozen in time not moving.

Then right before Azriel eyes a ball of fire appears before his eyes. He falls back shaken and eyes filled with fear. He grabs his bedroom doorknob to try to escape but it burns his hand leaving small puffy blister on his hand. Azriel grunts in pain from the burn to his hand. What is going on he thought to himself.` The fire that scared him is just floating in the air over his head. The cloak figure still to his surprise is just sitting there.

"Did you do this? What the fuck are you!?" He said raising his voice to the figure. Still no answer from it.

The ball of fire slowly begins to descend before Aziriel. He shuffles backwards up against his bedroom door so it won't burn him. The ball of fire then, within the blink of a eye transforms into a paper what looks to have different languages written on it. The bottom of the paper is dripping fire from it yet does not burn the carpet. The figure gets up from the edge of the bed and walk towards paper. It grabs the paper with its right hand and hold it in front of Azriel.

"Read." It said in low voice. Azriel hesitates for a moment trying to comprehend the situation right now.

"I can't! I don't understand what's on it." He said pleading his case.

"Read." The figure said again.

"I can't!" Azriel said yelling.

Something grabs Azriel neck holding it firmly in place so he couldn't move it. The figure lowers the paper in front of Azriel eyes. Azriel didn't even notice the fire dripping from the paper falls on legs but doesn't burn or hurt him. He couldn't either way since he couldn't move his own neck to see.

"Read." The figure says a third time.

Azriel couldn't even move his mouth to reply to the figure. That's how secured his neck was being held in place. Azriel just stares at the paper in front of him. His eyes dancing around the paper trying to find some english vocabulary on it. Nothing. He starts to panic and his body begins to move around in different places while his neck still remains stiff. The figure looks at Azriel moving his body around as if he's having a seizure.

"You have to calm down. If you don't you'll remove your head from your body. I'll explain once your done" The figure says trying calm Azriel down.

It just panics him even more knowing that if he don't stop he'll be dead. Dead is better off than this situation he thought to himself. That's what he always wanted anyway in the end. The figure see that the words she spoke panic him more. So, she removes her hood revealing her face. Azriel body become lifeless at seeing the figure face. The figure hair is black as the midnight sky that came to her butt, her skin seem to be mix with the color of a yellow sunflower and black coal found in a min which balances out to a a dark golden color, and her eyes are hazel. It's not the figure beauty that calms Azriel down. It's the horns that is protruding from its skull that makes his body motionless. The figure locks eyes with Azriel and Azriel right back at it.

"" The figure says once again.

Azriel calms down. His eyes bounce around the sheet of paper once again. Then he notices something. The letters and words on the paper begin to format into english. A few seconds passes by before a Azriel finally can understand the english on the paper.

"The path to paradise begins in hell and if ye shall take this journey. Paradise shell ye inherit." Is what Azriel reads off the paper in his head. Azriel had read over those two sentences more than thirty times before he looks at the horned figure who eyes still remain lock on him. Azriel feel the grip around his neck loosens and his mouth becomes retractable again.

"So? Have thou read read thea paper? If yea, does thou wish to inherit thy own paradise?" The figure asks Azriel.

"Paradise? Look around, this is my paradise." Azirel says holding his head down.

The figure looks around at Azriel paradise. Emptiness. Then back at him. The paper that Azriel was reading goes up in flames and disappears. The figure then looks back at Azriel.

"I'll help thee create one. The figure says to Azriel with his head still being down. But thou paradise has to allow me in." The figure tells Azriel.

"Hmph. A demon that what's to get into paradise. Haha. I seem to recalled reading somewhere y'all not being allowed in such a place." Azriel says mocking the demon.

"Nether are some humans." She replies back.

Author Notes: Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

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1 Nov, 2016
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