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The Lamb of a Demon Ch3
The Lamb of a Demon Ch3

The Lamb of a Demon Ch3


Chapter 3: A ship worthy of sail

Azriel holds his head up when hearing her reply.

"Yea, nether are us either. So, what's your point?" Azriel ask questioning her.

"If you're not allowed into one kingdom, try making your own right." The figure answered.

"How? How will you help me build this suppose it paradise or kingdom or whatever you want to call it? Azriel asks. It requires man power, money, and time. Like the old saying going Rome wasn't built in day?" Azriel asks still continuing to qustion her.

"I'll show you." She replied putting her hand out.

Azriel didn't notice before when she grab the contract but there is a keylock chain around her right wrist. It still remains lock. A small chain not to long in length hangs from the keylock chain. Azriel stares at it jiggling back and fourth for a moment, then back at her with her hand still out. Azriel braces himself before standing up.

"Argh. If I grab you hand what will happen to me?" Azriel ask standing up. Hmph?"

He notice that she seemed smaller than when he first seen her. She looks to be around the age of thirteen physical. Azriel was around your average man height but next to her standing up he look like he could be her father.

"What happen to you? Wasn't you taller?" He asks.

She didn't answer, but instead changes her hand from a straight position to an upward position aimed at Azriel as if she's giving herself away to him. She hasn't hurt him yet or has she as far as he knows. So why not take her hand and see where this goes. Azriel reaches his hand out towards her inches away from her little finger tips. Gives her one look. Then grasp her hand. In a instant they in front water.

"Huh?" Azriel says looking at the calm water flow before him.

He looks behind him to see trees, land, and grassy areas behind him.

"Let go of my hand." She tells Azriel.

"Oh sorry." Azriel said releasing her hand. He notice that it look like her hand was burning cause smoke was coming from it before it suddenly stop.

"Hey? How did you do that? We was just back at my apartment." Azriel ask.

She answer his question by pointing out at the water in front of them.

"This is where your paradise will be." She tells him.

"In the water?" Azriel asks.

She walks few inches up to the water and put both her hands on the water. Another chain lock appear before Azriel eyes on the girl left wrist. Azriel stare at lock for a few seconds then back out to the water. It doesn't take long before an huge ship bursts up out the water splashing water in all directions. Azriel eyes widens with emotions as he looks around the ship exterior.

The brown paint that cover it was chipping off, the red flag that symbolizes the ship life essence had small holes in it, and it look like it could house only up to 50 people. A kingdom with only 50 people Azriel thought to himself. The ship looks to be from the 1600s and ready to fall apart at any moment soon as someone set foot upon it. The ship begins to sail towards them. Azriel backs up a little scared that it might hit him. The girl hands still continue to remain on the water. There isn't a breeze of wind in the air yet the ship had no hard time sailing towards them. The ships does a loop around before sailing up to them. It parks and a boardwalk drops down before them. The girl lifts her hand from the water and makes her way up the boardwalk.

"Come." She tells Azriel walking up the creaky boardwalk.

Still bewildered by what he just seen he hesitants for a moment.

"Am i going fall if I walk up that thing?" She ignores his question once again and continues up the boardwalk without him till she's on the ship.

Azriel slowly makes his way up the boardwalk. It creaks with every step he takes. He rushes up the boardwalk fearing that the wooden planks might give away on him. He bumps into the girl who doesn't even budge from a grown man's weight.

"My bad." He tells her.

He glances around the old ship exterior. It makes sounds due to old age with every step he takes. He walks to side of it and see a vast amount of water for miles, days, and years. It seemed never ending before his eyes. Azirel not paying attention doesn't hear the old boardwalk begin to ascend back onto the ship before it's fully up.

"Wait what the fuck are you doing girl!?" He says hurrying towards the boardwalk passing her.

"We're leaving." She replied.

"Ok, this isn't funny let the boardwalk down now. Azriel tells her assertively.

She doesn't let it down.

Didn't you hear me I said let the fucking boardwalk down. Now!" He said putting base in his voice.

"Or what?" She said turning around looking at Azriel's back.

Azriel turns to face her. Gives her a stare down and then he rushes her grabbing by her cloack while lifting her up in the air.

"Im getting real tired of your shit, kid. Now let it the fuck down." He tells her forcefully while clutching her cloack.

Azriel hear two chains jiggle and saw her hands reach up and grabs his wrists. She swings backwards then forward kicking him in his chest and breaking free from him his grasp. The force from the kick felt like a weight being drop on his chest. He grabs his chest coughing heavily trying catch gasps of air. Azreil still coughing looks at the girl. She grabs the mid part of her cloack and rips it from her body exposing even more of herself to Azirel.

"Shall I remove your limbs again?" She said with calmness.

Author Notes: Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

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