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The Lamb of a Demon Ch5
The Lamb of a Demon Ch5

The Lamb of a Demon Ch5


Chapter 5 Whispers

Agetia is station on the ground with her legs cross over one another and hands still press together.

"Fell from heaven?" A confused Azriel asks.

"Yes. Those arms of hers was born once she fell to earth with Lucifer and his angels. While she was in heaven she wielded two swords. But now she can't even touch a sword nor lift one either. If she does, her existence will be no more." Rory explains to Azriel.

Rory words get burned into Azriel mind and then he looks at Agetia. Her demonic form and her silvery grey arms slowly swinging back fourth in the air. Agetia never looks at Azriel cause her attention is focus on Rory. Rory is a grandmaster hand to hand combatant know throughout heaven for her fearsome strength, speed, agility, and disarming oppenents who wield any type weapon used for violence. Only rival by the one who taught her hand to hand combant. But her opponent is one who dual wields no more.

Rory makes the first move and charges at Agetia with quickness. Agetia blocks the incoming punch with her silver hand and with the other hand pushes Rory back with an open palm. Rory puts up both her arms and blocks the attack.

"This may be a problem. Rory says aloud chuckling.

Those arms of yours Agetia! How is it that they're five of them now? You only had one at the time of your fall from the kingdom." Rory asks Agetia.

Agetia answers her question by sending a arrow flying towards her. She hears the arrow leaves the bow strings so she flips back dodging it. Only to hear the arm that holds the sword aiming to decapitate her head from her shoudlers. She dodges it by ducking it. The sword shredds a few strings of her hair off. She hears an arrow leaves the bow once again coming towards her. She tries to dodge back once again.

"What?" Rory says aloud.

She look down and saw her ankles are being held in place by the two hands that wield no weapons. The sword comes at her again since she can't move to dodge it. Rory grabs the wrist of the hand that holds the sword disarming it causing the sword to fall. The left hand that grasp Rory ankles lets go of her ankle and grabs the sword before it even hits the ground. Rory punches the right hand that holding her right ankle. The force of the punch breaks the hand wrist, and if it's bones inside of it them too freeing Rory.

"Hm?" Agetia wondered to herself

Rory dodges the incoming sword attack once again flipping backwards. The sword hand thrusts and slashes at Rory. Missing her at every swing and thrust. Till it comes to a complete halt. It stands at a thrust position aimed at Rory face.

"Ah, I see. Once someone gets out of range of that hand sword attacks it can't reach no more. Am I right, Agetia?" Rory asks smiling.

"You're correct. That's what I always hated bout you, Rory. The more you fight your opponent, the more you figure them out. That's why I decided not to fight you during the rebellion. I would had lost. Even when I was a master swordsmen. You still was strong." Agetia speaks to Rory.

"And that's what I don't like bout you, Agetia. Always being so truthful." Rory says.

"What are you after Agetia?" Does Lucifer know of your ill doings on earth?" Rory asks.

"No, and he doesn't need to." Agetia answers.

All five of Agetia silvery grey hands begin to slowly come back to her. Azriel is in complete awe at what he's seeing. Where does he stand at in all of this he's wondering. All the arms sink back into Agetia body except for the sword arm. It remains out. Rory finally open her eyes. Azriel looks at her eyes. It amzes his own eyes at what he see. Her pupils are that of holy crosses. The color of the crosses are a glisten white and the background color is grey. She then looks at Azriel.

"Azriel? Listen to me young one. Agetia is an tainted being. Her spirit is dark as the abayass. Her hate for mankind is that worst of Lucifer rumor has it. She even turned Joan of Arc, a prophet of God against the heavens. Everything she does is just for her desires.

If you sign that contract. God will abandon you. And so will she in the end. Have you heard the whispers that tells you to kill yourself Azriel. Those whispers are her." She speaks to Azriel.

Azriel is in complete shock at what he hears from Rory. Could the whispers really be her he wonder.

"Is it true?" Azriel asks Agetia.

"She's right Azriel." Agetia says calmly.

Azriel eyes widen and slowly pans towards Agetia.

"And when you didn't I took interest in you Azriel. I whisper to you day and night, three hundred and sixty five days a year, seven days a week, twenty four hours a day, and yet here you are. Still alive. You're a weakness I took an interest in and that's why I want you dead." Agetia says speaking the truth.

Azriel mind is in a complete state of chaos at what he just heard from both of the beings. He grabs his head, falls to the ground, and begins to screams. Both the beings watch as Azriel screams can be heard in both heaven and hell. His screaming goes on for a few seconds before it's stop by Agetia silver hand.

"Remember what I said Azriel. We both die. Together. Even in heaven you can get lonely." Agetia says to Azirel letting his mouth go.

Images begin to flash in Azirel head like a camera.

"My mother is she there?!" He asks Rory desperately crawling towards feet.

Rory slowly starts to close her eyes.

"Sorry. I can not tell you that." Rory says fully closing her eyes to Azriel.

Sadness is express on Azriel face after her answer. Azriel stands up.

"Tell me. I begging you." Azriel says pleading while shaking Rory.

Rory never answers him. He asks her repeatedly but she never answers him. He gives up asking her and just stares at Rory close eyes.

"Agetia?" Azriel says.

"Yes." She answers.

"Where's the contract?" He asks calmy.

Agetita notices something different bout Azriel voice.

"Right here." She answers as the contract burst from out of no where in front of her.

"Are you going tell me angel." Azriel asks Rory once more.

She notices it again.

Rory just lifts her bandage hand up and touchs Azriel cheek. Her hands remained there for bout three seconds before Azriel walks away from it towards Agetia contract. Rory hand falls lifelessly back down to her waist.

"I'm sorry." Rory whispers as Azriels walks away from her.

He stops and turned back to see that Rory has disappeared. He makes his way towards the contract. A pin appears from out no where engulf in flames before the flames disappear and just the pin remains. Azriel grabs the pin and holds it on the line where he suppose to sign his name. His life flashes before his eyes as if he was dying. Azriel signs his name. The contract splits in half down the middle. One half goes inside of him and the other half in Agetia.

"It is done my Lord." Agetia says switching from a cross legs position to a bowing position.

Azriel looks out at the ocean and saw the sun begin to set

"What is thou will my lord?" Agetia asks still in a bowing postion.

"The sun. I hate it. It hurts you one minute and soothes you the next." Azriel says aloud to himself.

Agetia smiles. Took a minute for Azriel to notice. The sun isn't setting. It's him losing his sight of not being able to see light anymore. A feather slowly floats down into the ocean water. Azriel didn't even notice it as feather sank down to the ocean floor.

Author Notes: Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

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