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The Lamb of Demon a Ch6
The Lamb of Demon a Ch6

The Lamb of Demon a Ch6


Chapter 6 Stars without Wings

"Rory, what happen down there?" An Arch Angel asks Rory at the front gates of heaven.

"He choose his own path to follow." Rory responded walking pass the Arch Angel.

"But if his path leads to him endangering himself or others, you suppose to put him back on the right path." The Arch Angel says.

"Yea, but with humans having free will or him being in no immediate danger I could do nothing. Rory whisper to him. And he listen. Words have always been Man's downfall afterall." Rory says.

"So it shall be his also? Makes me think we're losing this battle against Lucifer and his angels." The Arch Angel says looking down at earth.

"No, we won't lose. And I won't lose him either." Rory says putting her hand out and opening the front gates of heaven. She enters into the heavens and the gates shut behind her.

"I hope you're right, Rory." The Arch Angels says after she leaves.

Azriel walks around the exterior of the ship looking around. The ship is brown all over with broken planks of wood spread throughout it. The flag pole sit in the middle of the ship while the captain's wheel sits in the far left end if the ship. The right side of the ship is for viewing the widespread ocean as far as the eye can see.

"My lord there's somethin.." Agetia said but couldn't finish.

"Please stop calling me that. My regular name is fine or even Az. Anything fine but that." Azriel said interrupting Agetia.

"As you wish. The contract you signed. In order for you gain something you must lose something that value it. Your kingdom will be built in your name. But your eyes will not have the value of seeing it cause you'll start to slowly go blind as it grow. The more it grow. The more you go blind." Agetia says explain to Azriel.

"Me feeling it grow is enough." Azriel responds.

"I see." Agetia says.

"You know, when you said kingdom thought you meant land, not water." Azreil said continuing looking around the ship.

"Many kings have owned those lands we just left from. There are three type of kingdoms. Land, sky, and water. Land is for kings who constantly go to war for what they already own, the sky is for kings who wish to have nothing to do with land or water, and water is for us who wish to start a new life." Agetia explains to Azriel.

"And if threat come from the sky how will we deal with that? We'll be vurnable." Azreil asks.

"There are very few sky kings. Four at the most. But there identies are unknown. Our biggest theeat would be the kings of the land. They only seek war."

"And what makes you think I don't?" Azriels asks.

"Then war it is." Agetia says.

"Hmph. I don't seek war. Only to start new lives for those who wish it. Including you, Agetia." Azriel says.

"I don't seek life though. I just want death." Agetia said responding.

"Then that will be your new life starting now. You seeking a new life for death." Azriel said.

Agetia doesn't respond but begins to think was she the one that got the short end of the contract.

"So since this going be long journey to God knows where. How bout we chat for a lil bit. Oh, and by the way. Can you please put some clothes on or go back to how you was earlier?" Azriel says out of embarrassment.

"Does my appearance bother you?" Agetia asks.

"No, it just seem like your naked though." Azriel said.

Agetia looks around for her cloak from earlier. She saw it stuck on piece wood at the edge of ship being ready to be blown away. She grabs it and wrap back her body. She start to grow smaller and revert to back to her normal appearance from when Azreil first seen her at his apartment.

"Better?" Agetia asks.

"Better" Azriel responded with thumbs up.

Agetia looks in confusion at Azriel thumb.

"Huh? Don't know what that mean? Azriel asks.

Agetia shakes her head.

"Basically means good job." Azriels says chuckling.

"I have had very few interactions with humans. So I might not know what everything you do mean."

"Yeaah you a learn as time goes by." Azriel said chuckling even more at her response.

"So how will we get this ship to sail? It takes a crew to man a ship." Azriel asks.

Agetia walks over to the flag pole. She looks at the top of it. She began to levitate off the floor. Slowly making her way up to the top of the flag pole. It was her demonic arms that gave her a boost to the flag pole top.

"She can fly?" Azriel said aloud.

"Not anymore." Agetia says softly to herself.

Agetia demonic arms shoots out from her body. Three arms detaches itself from Agetia. One of the arms spread out wide using itself as a flag and the other two splash down into the ocean water using there hands as paddles to move the ship across the ocean. Agetia slowly falls down from the top of the flag pole back to Azriel.

"That will have to do till we get a flag and crew." Agetia says looking up at her arms.

"Oh ok, you can use them arms in varies ways?" Azriel ask.

"Sometimes. If a situation calls for it, but it makes more expose if ever battling someone." Agetia said explaining.

Azriel look at Agetia as she continues looking up at the flag pole. He has many questions bout her. So he decides to start off with the most differcult question first.

"You have a sister?" Azriel asks.

Agetia didn't answered his question for a few seconds cause her attention is still focus on the flag pole.

"Had. I killed her during the rebellion. We was the first ever angel siblings. My sister weilded a sword. So I wielded two thinking that a make me stronger than her. But in the end, she was still stronger." Agetia said continuing to look at the flag pole then at Azriel.

"Azriel listen very closely to what I'm bout to tell you. God didn't create humans. When He discover earth humans was already here. He sent fourth us, his angels, intruments of war to push humans to the brink of extinction. And we did. Till only Adam and Eve was left. So with only those two left he can recreate them in His image. Lucifer hated him for what he made us do to y'all. We slaughter y'all species like animals. So he tried to get Adam and Eve to become like Gods and look over humans themselevs. Only to be betrayed by them. And that's when the rebellion started and how Lucifer hate for all mankind began." Agetia said explaining to Azriel.

"Why are you telling me all of this?" Azriel asks.

"Judgment day? That isn't only for demons. It's for humans also. It will also be another day of extinction for humans. It'll come Azriel. And the wrath He'll bring fourth even scares me. If my death can be before that it'll put my spirit at ease Azriel." Agetia said looking into Azreil eyes with seriousness.

"......You can't die till we finish our kingdom first. Even if judgement day happens tomorrow. We can't die till we finish it. Or all of this would be for nothing. Hold up your end of the contract and our hold up mines. Deal?" Azriel said sticking his hand out so she can shake it.

She looks at his hand confusingly again.

"What? You don't know what shake hands means?" Azriel ask.

"I do. I just can't shake your hand." Agetia answers.

"What? You don't agree with what I said?" Azriel ask.

"No, I agree. But you touching me can kill me." Agetia said answering his question.

Author Notes: Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

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