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The Lamb of a Demon Ch7
The Lamb of a Demon Ch7

The Lamb of a Demon Ch7


Chapter 7 Six hundred and sixty six

"Lucifer get up!" Agetia yells. Lucifer is unconscious and deeply wounded on the plains of earth grass. Agetia look up to the sky and see a legion of her Father's angels ready to attack her, Lucifer, and the other angels that fell along with them to earth. The angels in the sky stand by waiting for orders from their Father.

"Agetia! I'll heal his injuries and tend to him. Don't worry. Go to the front line with Rampel. He can handle the angels, but not those two God sent after us." Zaphaella says ensuring Lucifer safety. Agetia look at Zaphaella for a brief moment then back at Lucifer.

"I'll leave him to you." Agetia says then take off towards Rampel direction. She runs past injury angels on the grassy plains of earth. Most are injured and the few that can fight are tending to the wounded. Agetia doesn't look at one of her injured brothers and sisters knowing that will only slow her down more. She finally reaches Rampel who is the second strongest of all the angels that fell next to Lucifer.

"Rampel! I'm here!" Agetia says ensuring support for Rampel.

"How is he?" Rampel says looking up at the angels and two Archangels in the blue sky.

"He's unconscious. And his wounds are server. We have to get him away from the fighting or he'll become existless." Agetia says telling him bout Lucier.

"Well, that is going be problem with those two here now. Our Father sheild and sword has arrived to the battlefeild." Rampel says letting Agetia know bout their troubling situation now.

"I'll leave the angels to...." Rampel stops talking when he saw that angels started to retreat back into heaven.

"Hmm? What do you got planned Father? You wouldn't dare send all your Archangels here leaving your Kingdom vurnable to invasion." Rampel says aloud.

Agetia and Rampel continue their gaze at the sky. Only the two archangels remain when suddenly a third enters into earths atmosphere.

"Ahh, you was always a dirty player Father." Rampel says aloud chuckling.

"What? Who is it Rampel?" Agetia ask cause it peak her curiosity.

"You'll soon find out cause you'll be fighting her. I'll handle those two."

"What?" Agetia says.

Rampel spreads his wings out and take off towards the two Archangels. Rampel still has his wings from out of the many who lost theirs. Agetia lost hers wings so the third figure began to descend down to her position getting ready to face her. Agetia unsheathe both her swords readying herself for a battle. The angel feet finally reaches the plains of earth. She looks around at all the injured angels in the area. Then back at Agetia. She then points her finger out to the opposite direction away from all the all the injured angels. Was this some kind of trick in order to get her away from her allies. She thought it over and had no choice to. To reduce further casualties amoung Lucifer army she decided to leave with the angel. Rampel saw this from the corner of his eye up in the sky. A small grin slid across his face.

"Well, I guess I'm not in the best of situations and here I am smiling." Rampel said to the two Archangels with a chuckle. How bout we do the same y'all huh?"

"Unfortunately we can't do that Rampel. We came here for Lucifer. If you or any angel stand in our way. We won't show no mercy." ArchAngel Michael says to Rampel.

"Ahh, just like you Michael. Orders are absolute as always." Rampel says scratching the back of his head.

"What say you, Gazardiel?" Rampel said asking Gazardiel while closing one eye and keeping the other open on Michael.

She never answered his question. Michael unsheathe his mallet. His mallet now has chains around the grip part of it it. Something of which Rampel never saw on Michael mallet before. He took notice of it soon as he unsheathe it. Gazardiel unsheathes her sword next.

"Guys come on. I don't even have no weapon to u..." He couldn't finish his sentence cause Gazardiel teleported behind him swinging her sword with quickness going for his head. He dodge it only to feel Michael behind him with his mallet aiming to take his life also. He dodge both their attacks only leaving his after image behind for them to see.

"Rampel, you could have always became an ArchAngel. Why stay at grandmater rank?" Michael asks.

"I question orders to much Michael." Rampel answered putting his fist up into a boxers stance.

Agetia and the other angel finally arrive at safe location away from all the other injuried angels.

"Why lead me to a safe spot away from the others? Isn't your order is to defeat all of us and bring us back to heaven?" Agetia ask questioning the angel.

"That isn't my mission." The angel said getting into a fighting stance.

Agetia notice that the stance look familar.

"That stance? You're Rampel's student aren't you? So why not follow in Rampel footsteps and join us?" Agetia ask.

"Because I'll be the one to stop him." The angel said.

Agetia looks at the angel for brief moment and then sheathes her swords.

"I'm not fighting you." She said turning around and looking at bloody battlefield.

The angel see that as her showing mercy upon her and charges at her when her back is turned. Agetia unsheathe one of swords blocking the angel attack. The angel couldn't believe her attack was block so simple.

"The way you are now I can defeat you and I don't want that. If you're oppent can't even hold a fight against you, how will you ever grow stronger?" Agetia said turning around.

She give the angel an kick which sends her flying a few feet back. The angel begin to cough. From out of all the angels in heaven why would God send an single angel to the battlefield. Whose rank isn't even that of master. Agetia was rank at master and currently training under Lucifer to become grandmaster and eventually ArchAngel. The angel coughing finally stops and she looks at Agetia with eyes full her endurance. She charges at Agetia again.

Agetia decides to block it again which was a mistake cause Rory grab her sword which kept it sheathe. Agetia goes for her second sword and the angel grabs her hand before even touches it. She then headbutts Agetia who doesn't even feel it. Agetia knees the angel in the stomach freeing one of Agetia hands and then giving the angel an right hook with her freed hand. The angel felt it but it's nothing compared to what Rampel put her through. Agetia knew she couldn't prolong this fight with this angel.

"Lucifer! You're awake." Zaphaella says with eyes full of tears.

Lucifer open his eyes to see Rampel fighting a two verus one battle with Michael and Gazardiel. He then turned his head and saw how badly injured his angels were.

"Zaphaella." Lucifer said trying to pull himself together and coughing.

"How many of my angels remains?" Lucifer asks looking out at the bloody battlefield.

Zaphaella hesitates with answering his question for a few seconds.

"Only six hundred and sixty six of us remains. The rest became existless during the fall Lucifer." Zaphaella said continuing to heal Lucifer.

Author Notes: Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

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