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the last breath

the last breath

By courtiex

Before death:

I smiled. Every second sunday my grandpa and nanna would come over for a roast. He smiled watching me draw a picture for him, he love it and so did I. My grandparents sat around watching us swim in the pool, he smiled she didn't care.

A couple weeks later, he's in hospital i listen to my father and a doctor talking "this isn't looking good, the cancers spread" I pretend I'm fine,but I look out the window letting my blue, tear filled eyes slowly let out a tear. I hear mum and dad say "he needs to go in a nursing home "and that's what happens

It's now September, the night of his death. I hear his deep breathing, sounding like a rattle. I sit on a chair my whole family know the times coming. I can't deal with it. I hide behind my brothers pram. Too afraid to say goodbye I just cry and hide. That only night I didn't say goodbye was the one I should have.

I hear the news and nod my head an go hide under my bed, his voice rings my ears I think to myself "I'll never hear it again"

At his funeral I sigh, listening to the sad song he once loved. after the funeral I run to my room and turn the radio on hoping to get my mind off things. I listen realizing it's the same song from the funeeral. I let out a tear and smile and say "he's here with me, i love you grandpa"

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23 Dec, 2010

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