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The Last Ones
The Last Ones

The Last Ones


There sat the group of five. The five that saved the universe. They all had heavy coats because of the cold temperature and they made a dry spot around the tree on the hill overlooking the village. The tall, blue haired boy looked at the rest of them and smiled, “So, What do we do now?”.

The shorter girl next to to him replied in a sarcastic voice, “I dunno, Ryujin, live like normal people?”

Ryujin looked at her and lightly hit her in the back of the head. “Don’t be a smart ass, Azzie”

Azzie punched him on the shoulder, “Asshole! Anyway, Void, What should we do?”

Void looked at the two, “I dunno… Have a funeral for our dead friends?”

Another kid sitting next to Void shivered and spoke with his irish accent, “Uh… Void… I don’t think I’m ready to burry Z and Apollyn”

The last kid looked at the kid with the irish accent, and spoke softly, “We know, Jack… We miss them too… But they will come back to us someday…”

Jack looked at her, “I know that Violet! I just don't want to see Z’s dead body, because I can’t heal him!”

Jack stood up and walked off. Violet tried to follow him but Ryujin put his hand up to stop her. Ryujin stood up and followed Jack. Void stood up and follwed Jack and Ryujin. Azzie and Violet walked off to do their own things.

Deepeer into the woods Jack sat down under a tree and put his head on his knees. Ryujin and Void saw this as a saying to "Back off", so they did, disappearing. Jack knew they left so he pulled out a blackened flower. He stared at the flower in silence, knowning it was the only thing Z had given him when he was a kid.

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4 Jan, 2018
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