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The Last Straw (Part One)
The Last Straw (Part One)

The Last Straw (Part One)

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The call was all I needed to know that he had hit her again. I get in my car and speed down to her house. I know he will still be up and drunk when I got there, but I had hoped he might have fallen asleep after his tantrum. Boy was I wrong. When I pulled up to her house I could still hear him screaming at her, I couldn't make out what he was saying but I knew it had to be over something stupid. I sneak a glance in the window to see where he was exactly, and the minute I did his screaming stopped, It was quiet, quiet enough to raise concern for my friend. The door had swung open. Something strong had grabbed me from behind before I could turn to see who it was. Dragging me in by my hoodie. I manage to let out a scream before I was over the threshold. "Let me go Benson!" I yell out. I turn to look at who it was and I was surprised to see that it wasn't Benson, it was Melly. When I realised who it was I rushed and hugged her, I look at her to see if she was injured at all. I could see she had a black eye, and that she was very tired. "Mel, let's go we can come back later for the rest of your things." I look around and wonder, where is he anyway. Why did he suddenly stop his tantum. "Uh..Mel where is Benson?" I say as I walk over to the hallway. "He is okay, and I am fine, sorry for bugging you, you have to leave now!" she said grabbing my arm and pulling me to the door." This stays here, got it?' she said looking me dead in my eyes. My heart began to race as she said those words. "Mel, I heard him screaming, you're not okay look at your face where is he?" I said as I pulled my arm free. She put her head down and whispered something I couldn't tell what it was. "Huh, Melly speak up" I grabbed her hand. "Upstairs." She said, I immediately thought the worst.

I walk up the stairs slowly, taking them one by one. It felt as if I were sinking with every step, while waiting to see what was upstairs. I make it up them all looking at each door, there all shut. I debate on if I even want to see what's behind either door. I walk to the first door on my right. I build enough courage to push the door open when a wave of anxiety rushes over me. I put my hand down and just stare at the door. Not knowing if I want to see. "Come one open the dang door already, he probably passed out or something." I say to myself trying to calm my nerves. I twist the knob slowly and push the door open. “Nothing?..” I whisper to myself. "Well, one down three to go." I mumble. I creep over to the last door on the right side. "It’s nothing, open it!" i say trying to reasure myself. I push the door open slower then I did the first one. When I hear a muffled moan. My ear twitched as if it wanted to turn. The hairs on my neck stood up. "What the..?" I walk over to the last door on the left side. The door was ajar. I push it gently, and stick my head in the rest of the way. There he was, on the ground bleeding. I was stuck for about ten seconds. I register what I see, then I reacted. “Benson where are you hurt?!” I said as grabbed the towel hanging from the holder on the wall. I hear footsteps and see that Melly is standing there emotionless. Just looking at him, as if she had no remorse, I know he would hit her but to try and kill someone was crazy, it wasn’t Melly, I had a hard time believing she did this, so I tried to put that thought in the back of my mind. “Melly call the cops, he needs help!” I said putting his head on the towel. “No!, let him suffer, the drunk deserves it, he tried to kill me, I just beat him to the punch” I froze. Who was this person. I know Melly had to be mad at him, but to wish him death was ridiculous. Benson grabbed my hand as I was about to get up. “Don’t leave me with her please!” he said in this faint voice he sounded so vulnerable. “ I need to get the phone Benson.” as I said that Melly ran out of the bathroom. I figured she had a change of heart after hearing her father's voice.

Man was I wrong again, I wait for about 45 seconds and get curious. I know I have to get the phone and I was also wondering where Melly was. I get up “Benson, I will be back in a second.” “Fine” he says. I get up and head down the stairs I see Melly siting on the couch with the phone in her hand both the house phone and her dad's phone. “Melly when are they coming? Did they say?” She ignores me as if i’m not there. “Melly cut it alright, did you call yes or no?!” She turns to look at me and says “No” I felt a chill ran down my spine I can’t believe she was being so heartless right now. I walk over to her and try to grab the phone when she pulls it away from me. “Damn! Mel give it here your dad is upstairs in the bathroom dying as we speak, give it NOW!” I reach for the phone again and she pulls it away again. “No! Let him die! He deserves to die in the bathroom alone that man took my childhood from me, he took my happiness, mom!” she screams and falls to the floor crying her eyes out. I don’t know what to do. I know what I should do grab the phone and call the cops and help Benson, but I can’t move I just watch as she cries. After what felt like ages. I grab the phone and run upstairs. Benson lays there so helpless, I don’t know if he is dead, I walk over closer and see that he is blinking so slow. “Benson don’t fall asleep! Stay up.” He looks at me, I can tell in his eyes he was happy he wasn’t alone anymore. I dial the number and put the phone to my ear.

Author Notes: If you have any comments please leave me some I would love to see what you all think!

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24 Sep, 2016
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