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The Last Straw (Part Two)
The Last Straw (Part Two)

The Last Straw (Part Two)


The police and ambulance arrived rather quickly. Benson was rushed to the hospital and was announced in a coma. I was at the hospital, the nurses finally let me in to see him. He laid there so limp he was so still. Melly’s breakdown from earlier still played in my head. She had said he took her mom. In a sense I guess that was true, but not entirely. Her mom and Benson went to dinner, I remember that night like it was yesterday we were ten years old, sitting in her room laughing and painting each others nails. When the babysitter ran upstairs and told us the bad news, they were in a car wreck. It was a pretty bad one they were hit by a big truck. Melly’s mom was driving so she was hit and knocked into a coma, about two weeks after the crash the doctors had said that she wasn’t getting better and that Benson had a choice to further the life support or end it. That was the very first time he had started drinking. Another week passed, and he ended it. Mel was so upset with him she was so depressed she started to skip classes and would always make me ask my parents if she could spend the night. My parents felt do guilty so they started saying no. “They need to stick together in a time like this Dear, you're too young to understand this sort of thing.” I won’t lie to you I held a bit of resentment when they would say that. I felt trapped like I wanted to help her but I couldn’t. A couple years past after the death of Melly’s mother. It was the First week of 7th grade I had notice that Melly was Melly again. We were so happy it was like nothing ever happened. The things took another turn. He was so drunk one night he hit her because he thought she had drank all of his Bourbon. She snuck over to my house to spend the night.

I sit on the chair watching the little tv that was perched on the wall of the hospital room. When the police had entered the room Detective Sam asked me to come to the hallway. He was about six one, with red hair and pale skin, his eyes were green and I couldn’t help but stare into them. “Ma’am, we took your friend to a hospital so she can be evaluated, as of right now you are the one in charge of his life right now.” “In charge?!” I asked tilting my head to the right. “Um..yeah meaning you pull the plug we did some searching and they really have no one, and being that you know them longer then doctors here, we assumed it would be best for a family friend to do this.” I stood there, watching him watch me. It was crazy. Me I was the one that would be saying kill him in a sense. “Kay..” I said and walked back into the room and sat in the chair looking at my hands. Melly in a psych ward, Benson in a deep coma, and me in the middle. I called my mom who was in the middle of her crews she was silent when I told her everything even things I hid from her as a kid. I put it all out there and she..was quiet. My mom is the type of person that makes her feelings known if she was upset she would say so. If she was pissed, oh yeah.. you would definitely know. But she was quiet. It was so hard.The silence was louder than noise, at least if she were talking I would know how she would be feeling or what she was thinking, but to be completely quiet was new. Even for my dad. “Hey hun, it’s Dad.. mom is in the wash room right now so I will talk to you bug, guess where we are.” I'm sure you can tell my dad is the type person that wants to lighten the mood. It wouldn’t work this time the space was too dark, even for the sun to light it up. “Dad..” I said trying to fight back tears. “I need help, I don’t know what to do what should I do?!” “Hun what do you mean?” I knew he had heard what I told mom. When I told her what happened I could hear an echo meaning I was on speaker phone. I got angry that he would even act like he didn’t know, or would make me repeat this.

After the emotional phone call with my parents. They said they were too far in their trip to be able to come back now. So till the end of their trip, I was on my own, but if I ever needed to talk to someone, to call them. I went to the cafeteria. I sat alone a table closest to the waiting room entrance. I had a few sips of orange juice. I heard a family laughing, and talking about a baby that was just born, and how they were having a little debate for the name. I just listened. I got tired of hearing the playful bickering so I threw the rest of my orange juice away. And started to the room. When I arrived I saw Detective Sam watching Benson, I stayed outside the room watching him. He poked his hand, then sat down. He was waiting for me to return and was getting bored. I slowly walked in the room, when I walked in he stood up to greet me, he look relieved. “Ma’am I’ve come to tell you that Melly, your friend is in the the clinic. During her evaluation she tried to leave the room and hit the nurse.” As he was saying this, I couldn’t believe a word. I was so done, done with everything done with Melly, done with Benson done with Sam and my parents. I honestly debated on going M.I.A. Until I thought of Melly’s mom, Beth, we had the same name. But we were totally different people. She was the one to handle a situation, I was the one to run. She was the brave and powerful, I was the meek and timid. I just thought of her, and what she would do in this moment, would she cry, be angry, run. Or would she sit in this chair and take this all in one by one. It was hard to picture her crying so I chose to sit and deal with it. The nurse told me I could go home if I wanted and come back early in the morning. I needed a change of scenery, so I left and agreed to be back the next day.

When I got home, I went straight to bed. My alarm went off I was about to press the snooze button when I remembered I had to go to the hospital to check on Benson. I got ready slowly but surely. I arrived to the hospital about nine-thirty in the morning, I had stopped by Mcdonalds. Intending on getting a coffee but turned around. I checked in at the front desk and went to the room. I walk slow I passed by the nursery I saw a few babies and they saw me. I didn't realise how long I was standing there till and older woman had approached me. “Which ones your s hun?” she said as she tapped my left hand. “Neither..just looking, how about you?” I said as I turned to look at her. She was very short, her voice raspy I could tell she was a dedicated smoker. She had a round face with harsh and soft wrinkles. “The chunky one.” she chuckled. “Yeah, that my fourth grand kid, he is by far the biggest.” I smiled as I saw him, he was cute, he had darkish strands of hair and dimples. “Beautiful.” I said. “So..not to bug you babe, but if you have no kids what the heck are you doing here?’ she said to me looking at me. I made no eye contact, I could see her checking me out through the corner of my eye. “My ‘friend’ is in a coma..” I said and looked down. “Oh you poor thing, come here.” she grabbed me and pulled to her level and hugged me, it was a good hug, minus the cigarette smell of her knitted jacket. I stayed like that for a good thirty seconds, until I stood up. I thanked her for the hug, and went off to the room.When I got there I saw a nurse in the room maybe checking his vitals or something. I walked in and she jumped, I guess I scared her. “OH MY!, sorry miss you scared me, he's good i'm just changing the IV. “Okay, thanks” I said as I took the seat behind her. “ you know what hospital Melly is in?, is she close by here or no?” She finished changing the IV and looked at me, she had a look of concern on her face. “I'm afraid, I don’t know..I'm sure the cop will come back soon, you can ask him then.” when she said that a light bulb went off in her head. “Oh he left this for you, his card, He told me to give it to you and I forgot last night, call him now if you want.” she gave me the card. It was a cardboard textured card all white with green writing.

“Detective Sam” I said to myself. I went to my pocket to and realised I left my phone in the car like I always do. A bad habit, of mine, maybe if I had my phone that night he wouldn’t be like this. I asked the nurse if I could use the phone at the desk. “Yes dear, dial 81 and then the number.” she smiled as she said this, I guess she was trying to calm me or something. “Hello? Detective Sam speaking how can I help you?” I went quiet for a bit. He sounded different more sophisticated if you will. “Uh..Hey this is Beth, um I have a few questions to ask you.” I said my voice cracking. “ Oh hey, I was actually on my way over there, can this wait till I get there?” he voice loosened up when he said this. “Yeah sure, see you when you get here.” “Sure” he said. I hung up the phone, cut on the little tv and watched a cooking show. They were making steak with a garlic butter sauce. Only then I realised how hungry I was, my stomach was growling so bad. I asked the nurse to tell the Detective I was coming back. She told me to stay and she would get me a turkey sandwich. I agreed and waited the whole five minutes for her to return. The nurse and Sam arrived at the same time, when they approached the door they stopped talking, I wonder what they were talking about. “Here you go dear.” she handed me the cold turkey sandwich, and walked away. I grabbed it and opened it, I completely forgot That Sam was in the room when I took the first few bits. He cleared his throat. I looked up at him, feeling embarrassed. “Uh..sorry..” I said putting the sandwich down. “It’s fine, I believe you had some questions right?” He asked me looking at Benson. “Yeah I wanted to know, where Melly was and if I could see her.” when I said this he turned to look at me. “Um..well yes, I mean you can see her she is at the Mental Clinic, it’s the one down- you know what, let me write this down for you, it’s a lot to remember.” He pulled a shiny black pen out of his blazer along with one his cards, He wrote the address down. As he was writing I looked at his eyes, he had slight bags under his eyes he was tired,and his eyes were so concentrating on the paper as he wrote. I got up and looked at Benson, I straighten his covers, and got the card from Sam. I walked to my car. And sat for a moment. “Do you wanna see her like this, you should just stay here, Benson needs you, what if something happens.” I told myself. “ Screw it! Let's go.” I put the key in the ignition and drove off. Halfway there I forgot to get my sandwich, I can’t help but feel selfish right now. I'm thinking about food in a time like this. I pull up to the Clinic. I sit in the drive for a bit, taking a breather, I realise it’s too quiet right now, I cut on a song and think about this moment. I make sure to put my phone in my pocket this time.

At the front desk is a heavyset woman typing away at her computer, I take a quick scan of her desk and see about 3 large cups of coffee. “Hey i’m here to see pickit, Melly Picket.” The woman looks at me and back at her computer she lets out a sigh, honestly that ticked me off. “Sit” she said to me not even looking at me. “Jerk” I mumble to myself as I sit. When I sit down, she calls me up “You said Melly? The skinny dark haired girl?” she said as she went to sip her coffee. “Yes!” that came out louder then expected. She put her head slightly back when I said this to her and rolled her eyes, she mumbled something too, “What a ..” she said. I didn't care enough to react, I will admit I was a bit on the rude side, but I have every right to be. She took a glance at her computer then got up. “Follow me, to see Melly” I got up and followed, I noticed she was kinda tall and a bit bigger then when she was sitting down. We approached a room it look like an interrogation room. She told me to wait in there and they will bring her out in a moment, if she cooperated. I prayed that she wouldn’t I was too scared to see her. Two nurses came one was larger than the other both were bald and were slightly tan, both equally sweaty, and in between them..was Melly.

Author Notes: As always, if you have any questions or comments please list them down below.

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