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The Last Words

The Last Words

By SoundOblivion

Tick...Tick...Tick... the clock on the white colored wall screamed. Room 520
I took a deep breath and exhaled. My doctor was listening to my slowly beating heart. I turned my head away, looking out the glowing window.
A little boy about my age skips across the side walk .
"Mommy! Is Brother going to play with me when he's better?!" he asked, all smiles. The lady behind the boy lifted her hand to her mouth slowly, trying hard to hold back tears, as she replied...
"Yes Hunny, Brother will play with you once he's all better."
The young boy stopped and stared at his mom. She stoped in her tracks as well.
"Mommy Mommy, are you okay? Don't cry. Brother will be all better soon. He will get to play with me! I promise, he'll be all better! Don't cry mommy, don't cry." he said, continuing to smile. The mom nodded and continued to walk, taking her son in hand.
"Okay, now I need you to stand up." said my doctor, snapping me back to where i was. I stood up obediently. "Now try walking." He demanded.
I slowly took my steps.
I lost my balance and fell to the ground. I looked up at my doctor as I remained sitting on the floor. He sighed and wrote something down.
"You're not getting better huh?" he asked. I looked down, not knowing what to say." "How about writing? Can you show me if you can still write?" i nodded as he handed me the pen he was useing. He turned to a page full of scribbles and gave me the clipboard. I placed the board on the floor and held the pen tightly. I felt weak but wanted to try anyways.
"What s-should i w-write?" i asked, struggling to catch my breath. I looked back up to him.
"The last words you want to say..." he mummbled to himself, then quickly gave a little fake cough. "Write whatever you want to!" he said clearly with a smile. I look back down and the paper, and slowly wrote out 4 word. I covered it with my hand and looked back up.
"I w-want you to s-show this to ev-everyone I kn-know." I said to my doctor. He gave me a questioning look. "only wh-when i'm g-gone." I said. I lifted my hand as he took back the wooden clipboard. He took a good look and the words and nodded. I gave a weak smile.
Suddenly, a soft sound echoed through the halls. That gentle melody...a sad lullaby... was the only thing I heard. Everything else was shut out of my head. I stared out the door, knowing the melody came from there. I closed my eyes and dreamed of what I've been through. My life, the things i've seen, the things i haven't.
The music stopped. My eyes shot open. A boy was standing at the door way, ocarina in his hands. He stared back at me.
"What is it Kyle?" My doctor asked, shattering the silence. The boy faced the doctor and replied...
"Doctor, my parents want to speak with you...about my brother." He said, smiling. ...Then it made sense. This was the young 4-5 yr old boy who was outside earlier with his mom.
"you don't have to hide it Kyle." I turned my attention towards my doctor. "I know you know your brother wont be able to play with you in that condition. We know you're sad, so just be sad! Don't put on that fake smile of yours; don't lie to yourself because that won't make anything better." Doctor continued. The boy's head slowly tilted down, as streams of tears ran down his face. He walked next to the doctor.
"Please save him Doctor! Please!" the boy shouted, dropping to his knees. He let go of the ocarina. Then, footsteps of people became loud. The parents stopped at the door. "Please...I would do anything for my brother to live! Please save him Doctor, please!" The boy continued shouting through his tears. I turned to look as his mom, and what I saw was no surprise. The woman was being held by the man next to her as she cried silently.
"We tried everything we can...He just won't get better..." replied the doctor. The boy continued to cry, not caring who was watching. I slowly picked up the ocarina, and held it up for the boy. I smiled, as he looked up at me so full of tears.
"Doctor...w-what is that b-boy's illness?" I asked slowly.
"Same one as yours..." He replied. I smiled.
"okay.." I said. I faced the boy. "Everything that h-happens has it's r-reasons. Some are g-good, and other are b-bad." I said with a soft shaky voice. The boy continued to stare at me.
"But...I don't want my brother to die...He's my best friend...I don't have anyone else other friend..." The boy said.
"Then tell him that. I know what he's going through. He knows what's happening to him and he's trying his best. just have to give in...and accept what the outcome is." I said, forcing out every word.
“Don’t force yourself!” the doctor scolded.
Sudden pain hit my throat, and I wrapped my hands around it somehow hoping it would feel better. I had so much left to say, but the pain held me back.
The doctor lifted me up onto the bed and held me down. I couldn’t speak. The boy ran up next to me and stared, not believing what he sees. I stared back as a tear rolled down towards my ear.
“NURSE, GET THE MEDICINE! QUICK!” yelled the doctor.
Everything became fuzzy. The nurse ran in with the shot and shoved in it my arm. I closed my eyes, as everything became numb.
“Remember my note doctor…” I whispered, as my mind became blank.
That day, 520 was filled with many people. The next day, it was empty. The only thing there was a page full of scribbles on the bed. And in the middle of that page…read the words…
“Goodbye. I’ll miss you.”

Authors email: [email protected]
(: hope you liked it! Email me anytime (:
btw i didn't edit this so it's pretty bad o-o
email me to tell me what I could have done better! (:

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23 Sep, 2010
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