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The Leader
The Leader

The Leader


They awoke to the glittering of the sunlight in from the window, and the smell of smoke from the door. They got themselves up and armed in a surprising time, and rushed to inspect the situation. The house was set aflame from outside, and it wasn’t a good one. They slashed down a window so they could get out.

“MOM!” Jarl yelled before rushing back in.

“IT’S TOO DANGEROUS!” Bjorn yelled after Jarl, cursed, then ran in.

“She’s over here!” Jarl yelled over the rushing of the flame. Bjorn spotted him in the corner of one the rooms. He stepped over what used to be a wall, but had now collapsed.

Jarl coughed and handed their mom off to Bjorn.

“CMON! GET OUT OF THERE!” Bjorn yelled at Jarl, who was stuck in a coughing fit. Jarl fell to the ground.

“I’ll be fine! Go!” Jarl was able to yell over the flames, but you could tell he was weak.

Bjorn looked worried, but trusted his brother and rushed out with their mother. He looked around but didn’t see Jarl. He set down their mom and started to rush in.


The house collapsed in on itself.

“JARL!” Bjorn yelled at the house, but nothing came out from it.

He stood there in shock before falling to his knees. Just as simple as that. In five minutes, his brother was gone forever. He kneeled there until he felt the ash settle into a layer on his skin. So quick, so effortless. Life wasn't really that long, was it? He got up in anger. His brother would not die in vain. He walked to the front of what used to be the house with his sword ready. A small broken vial was at the base of the door. A couple of little gremlins, small, green humanoids crouched on the corner of one house peering out to see the wreckage. They made eye contact with him, and quickly hid.

Bjorn walked over there with intent to kill. He stomped every step and dragged his sword on the ground, sending sparks flying. He rushed around the corner and grabbed one of the gremlins by the throat.

“WHO SENT YOU?!” Bjorn yelled at the gremlin with a ferocity unseen by humans.

“T-th-the Warlock.” The gremlin managed, clawing at Bjorn’s hand around it’s throat.

“Rrrgh, WHERE WAS HE?!” Bjorn screamed at the little Gremlin.

“Th… The Nest.” The Gremlin pointed to the nest that had recently been cleared.

“Well than, go tell him he has a visitor.” Bjorn chucked the gremlin as hard as he could towards the nest. It went sailing for quite a while before it crashed into the trees. The other gremlins quickly followed.

Bjorn spent hours preparing. He asked his village for equipment and aid. They provided some herbs, a bow and a quiver. He didn’t need much, but he had vengeance already planned. He started the long walk to the nest.

He arrived as night was about to set. He walked in to see the gremlins, the scout, and a large hooded figure.

“He-he was tall and he had a sword and he was really mean.” The first gremlin spoke. The rest quickly agreed.

“Where was he?” The hooded figure spoke. His voice was cold and piercing. It would be easy to tell him apart by a crowd.

“Well he was- “The gremlin turned to see Bjorn standing in the entrance.

“R-right there.” The gremlins cowered behind the hooded figure. The scout stared at him, as well as the hooded figure.

“YOU KILLED HIM!” Bjorn rushed towards the hooded figure and made a slash at him. The figure drew a sword and blocked it. Bjorn struck again, another block.

“It was necessary.” The hooded figure pushed away, and readied his sword. He slashed at Bjorn, but he parried with a slash back. Another block.

“HOW?!?!” Bjorn started a flurry of attacks, not relenting when the figure was pushed against a wall.

“You wouldn’t understand, humans are lacking in intelligence.” The figure ducked one of the hits and struck at Bjorn’s legs. He crumpled to the ground.

“You would be surprised.” Bjorn swept the figure’s legs with his sword, got up, and pointed his sword at the figure’s throat. The figure tried to escape but Bjorn pressed the sword into its neck.

“Alright! My life is worth more than you would think. It is obvious that you outmatch me as a fighter, but I can’t die yet. How about a pact?” The hooded figure talked with a more soothing voice. Bjorn lifted his sword.

“What kind of pact?” Bjorn was curious. The figure stood up.

“You don’t hunt me or my brethren, and I don’t kill anyone else.” The man reached out his hand. It was covered with a sort of blue flame.

“Hmmph.” Bjorn was not happy about it, but shook his hand. The world turned black and white except for the blue flame. It flickered back to normal. The scout stared at them some more. As Bjorn turned to leave, he swear he saw it smirk.

He returned home to see the house still in ashes. He rummaged through the remains, no corpse, no brother. He collapsed, and cried.

Author Notes: I feel like my work is getting worse and worse ;-;. Other than that, the third one will be out soon, but here is this to keep you company until that happens. Tell me what you think!

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9 Mar, 2019
Read Time
4 mins
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