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The Legend of Big Mouth
The Legend of Big Mouth

The Legend of Big Mouth

BeowulfAnthony E
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There is a Legend

A Legend to tell

Passed on from generations

I know it so well

Near the Rocky Mountains

And a little bit south

Lived the Legendary Giant

Who they called Big Mouth

That name was given to him

For his famous eating habits

He'd feast on wild deer and on brown bears

For dessert he'd have 1,000 wild rabbits

He was quick to catch his meal

That was so well known

He didn't leave a trace

He even ate their bones

One night I went camping

My brother pitched the tent

South of the Rockies

Where fresh air is not for rent

We sat by the campfire

Talking and feeling mellow

We couldn't make smores

Because I forgot the marshmallows

When it was time to sleep

And the owls stopped who who-ing

Big Mouth was nearby

But just what was he doing?

I heard our tent shake

I heard the scream of a crow

To the Great Giant Big Mouth

We must've looked like a taco

Rolled out of the tent and ran

The big hairy giant gave chase

We were cornered in a vegetable garden

With a terrified look on my face

Big Mouth didn't say a word

He tried to grab me like a doll

So I threw 100 ears of corn

And he swallowed them all

He was not finished yet

Big Mouth always loved to eat

My brother hid in the garden dirt

Right next to some carrots and beets

Big Mouth reached all the way in

His giggle so loud, all could hear it

We threw the beets into his mouth

And threw in a hundred carrots

With no vegetables left to throw

We were next for Big Mouth the Barbarian

Big Mouth wiped his chin, smiled, and said

I think I wanna be a vegetarian

My brother and I were saved by that garden

To think I was only one carrot away from my death

We sometimes get together and make smores with Big Mouth

He's a nice guy but has really bad broccoli breath.

The End......

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Anthony E
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21 Jan, 2023
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