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The legend of the turtle and the shark.

The legend of the turtle and the shark.

By smartone

The couple found out they would be offered as food for the king Tamafaiga, so they escaped from Upolu to the island of Tutuila. They landed in a village called Vaitogi and one of the chiefs of the village accepted them as assylum and they lived there for a long time as members of the family. They soon found out that there are people from Upolu comming to take them back. Fearing that if they refuse to leave the chiefs family will be all killed. So they made an agreement to jump over the cliffs in to the deep ocean. From here the woman truned into a turtle and the man became a shark.
Until today when the people of the village sing the song of this legend near the cliff the turtle and the shark appear on the surface of the ocean Right now you can still visit this site.

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27 Mar, 2011
Children's Short Stories

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