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The Legendary Wizard

The Legendary Wizard

By MinalkaMathew - 1 Review

James did a lot of things to save lives, and one day, sadly, people were affected by another brilliant wizard (Peter).Peter was a very violent character, and he had his own troops, so they were against the good people, and one day they came to join the people in Peter's army, and the people didn't want to join his army, but if they didn't join the army, they would be killed by Peter's army.The people were really afraid.

Then James came out of the peter and called for peter to get away from innocent people, but they began fighting and James won the war, but peter said, "I'll come back again" and the people were more afraid because peter was an violent guy next time he came with more forces and like the people they won't follow him.The people were really pleased after peter went.

Then the time came when peter returned to the city again, this time James was ready for battle, and the peter had more army than James, and the war began, and while the war was going on, the people were praying that James would win the battle, and James would have a hard task to win the battle, and the peter would have been killed by the spell of James, and the war would have ended, and the peter army would have been killed by the army of James.

At the end of the day, the city that james lived was back to normal, and they enjoyed their life well, and the Legendary Wizard was worshiped by the people who lived in the city.

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8 Nov, 2020
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