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It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Cow?
It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Cow?

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Cow?

BeowulfAnthony E

The Letter Train was going to Bangor, Maine

For the birth of animals near and far

Baby Animals the same, would all get a name

These letters spelled out who they are


The letters were loose, in an open caboose

That went over many high ridges

The letters looked about, looked in an looked out

And saw many rivers and bridges


They saw a COW moo, they saw an OX dance

They chugged past grassy knolls

The letter R trounced, the letter F bounced

Onto the grassy farm right below


The letter R rolled, it was black and it was bold

It landed right on top off the COW

Between the COW’s “C” and the COW’s “O”

The R changed the COW right now


Yes between the COW’s “C” and the COW’s “O”

The R stuck on the COW like butter

It turned the COW into a CROW

And black feathers grew on its udder


The COW yelled moo and when it was through

It squawked and cawed like a CROW

It tried to fly, it didn't get high

It was the biggest bird you’d ever know


The letter F flipped over, and fell on a clover

The OX was eating nearby

The F blew onto the OX, it was a real shock

The Big OX started to cry


The F finally landed, the Big OX was branded

The F was in front of the O

The Big OX teared up, this letter wouldn’t clear up

Red hair started to grow


Its horns were gone, its ears weren't long

It grew a big bushy tail

The Big OX turned into a FOX

It started to cry and to wail


Then stopped the train, it stopped going to Maine

It was missing letter F and letter R

The letters were loose, they weren't on the caboose

The conductor searched near and searched far


He saw a huge CROW with the third letter O

Flying low, it was a miracle

And saw a FOX as big as an OX

Crying loudly and acting hysterical


The conductor took each letter, the animals got better

The train traveled right through the fog

The train rode steady, the letters were all ready

The F and R would gave birth to a FROG



Author Notes: Children's story using letters to create more words.

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Anthony E
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19 May, 2020
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1 min
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