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The letter

The letter

By Xx_Rikiio_xX

Dear Travis,
I Hope this letter finds you Well. I Miss you Dearly my love. Everything here at home is going great. Brianna is walking now and she misses her daddy. I hope this stupid war ends soon. We keep fighting like theres still something to fight for. Some times I wonder is the other side sees what there doing. When they kill a soldier there Killing someone son or daughter. A lover, Brother, sister or friend. it's truly Horrid. Maybe if the world looked at it like that there would be less Wars. The man on the news said there were Prisoners taken yesterday. I couldn't sleep again. I was worrying if one of them was you. I Wish you were hear with me now. I'm laying in Bed looking out the Window. It's Raining out pretty ad. Remember the first night we spent together in your Daddys' Tent out at the old camping spot it started pouring rain there to. There is so much i miss about having you around all the time. My Due date is coming fast. I hope they'll Send you home to see our son born. I can't wait to meet him. I'm sure he'll grow as big and strong as you. I just hope he takes a Better path I don't think I can take watching my little boy go off to another stupid war. Well it's getting late and Brianna has pre-K tomorrow so I best be getting to Bed.

I Love you my sweet soldier.
your Beautiful wife Casey.

She walked up to the Coffin and Place the pale letter over his Coffin next to a bright red rose. tears cover her cheeks as the hand her that folded flag. She hugs the last thing she has of him to her chest tightly. Her Big belly is Draped in Black. The world moves on with this stupid war as a Daughter and Son grow up without a father. A little girl places a Little black teddy bear on the Coffin and looks up at her mother. "Mr. Teddy will keep the scarys away while daddy gets to heaven right mommy?" Tear choke in her throat as she nods. "Yes Brianna."

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30 Apr, 2011
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