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The Letters
The Letters

The Letters


Howdy professor how do you do?

Im prime, this afternoon I was fish hunting with mi Amigos it was tremendous. I caught a mighty one, it was full of slimy stuff, I named it Tobby of cause i gotta name all me fishies. I'm not crude (hehe my friend taught me that word) so i let the fish go, he jumped right out me little pointers, i believe that he was a great one. Later on I threw a rock at mi amigos boat and it broke there was a whole in it it started to sinc butt luckly i had some tape and they pachted the hole up. Later on we went to the drinkery and had some good old fish at tatoes. Later on i went home and rested my big old thinker on the bed. What a tip-top day.

My dear Bobby,

I’m so sorry we did not have the time to talk more in person. I was fortunate enough to secure a ticket to the poetry reading of young and upcoming authors. There was this one teen who I am pretty sure was not older than sixteen. His poem was marvelous, the execution brilliant and touching.(the last part of this sentence, “in the way it was told” is not necessarily needed). It almost brought tears to my eyes. Perfect rhyme, excellent metter (meter), and the metaphors and similes showed a depth of understanding uncommon for that age.

After the reading was completed, I had the opportunity to talk to the young poet. He is indeed a very talented youngster. I hope when time comes, he will apply to our university. It will be such a pleasure and inspiration to have him in my class. I look forward to our stimulating discussions and debates on exciting (exciting?) poetry and novels. I will be so proud if I can assist him on his way towards becoming a great artist.

Bobby, I hope all is well with you, and you don’t forget to pick up a book every now and then. Remember, Bobby, books are wonderful: they can teach us and make us experience so much. Don’t give up my boy; I believe in you.

Yours truly,

The Professor.

Author Notes: This is my second story (The first that I post on this website). Please leave a rating if you have the time.

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14 Mar, 2019
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1 min
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