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The Liar

The Liar

By Auron - 2 Reviews

I sat on the sidewalk expectantly, swinging my legs as I sipped from the juice box. My friend was slightly late, but I didn't mind. I knew he would come eventually. The yellow sun had become big and plump as it slowly drifted down and darkened the sky slightly when he finally came. I was the listener, he was the talker. It was just our relationship.

He sat down next to me as I scooted slightly to give him some space. I handed him a juicebox, which he took without a word. "My dad got a brand new car for me. It's red and shiny." he started, beaming dreamily.

I only nodded and glanced at him, my big blue eyes shining in the sunset. "It's brand new and he told me that when I was.. um.. thirteen I could drive it." he squeaked, proud of his believable lie.

I knew that you could only drive when you were sixteen but I didn't tell him that. "Can I see it?" I questioned, already knowing the answer. I simply asked for amusement of the response.

"No." he answered simply and went on with the story of his shiny, red, expensive car. I didn't question that we were living in a cheap apartment complex, I didn't ask him why his dad would already purchase him a car when he was only seven.

I simply sat and listened, in awe of his lies. I wasn't mad, I was amazed. Beyond that, he was the only friend I had. After a long tale, he would stand up and walk away in his own little imagination that I believed every single word he said.

I didn't, but I didn't dare tell him that. I would only smile and skip away happily to tell my mommy the story of the day. She would laugh and tell a true story of her own before giving me dinner and tucking me into bed every night.

I would dream of the story my best friend would tell next. I would listen for a long while until he was done because that is what best friends do.

I never, ever got tired of not talking, because that would be rude, and I knew that my friend would be angry and my mommy would be sad. I would inhale the stories like air and smile sadly because he didn't have what I had.

He didn't have a mommy, so I promised myself I would never be mean to him and interrupt his stories even if I had something I needed to say.

I was the only friend he had, and he was the only friend I had. I was content with that, and never wished for anything more because God gave me everything I needed, mommy told me.

I inhaled that too. But that was something that wasn't a lie. I loved my life, and wouldn't trade it for a new one, not even if times got tough. God gave me everything I needed.

I don't need a daddy or even a friend that listens. I live happily even in spite of my loss, and so should you. For the only thing you need is God, he loves you more then you can imagine, my mommy told me. He loves you so much.

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15 Jan, 2017
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