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The Life of a Puddle

The Life of a Puddle

By Princess_Laina

Once upon a time there was a brand new baby cloud, named Claude. As Claude grew up, he felt very lonely. He was always smaller than the other clouds and couldn’t block out the sun so no one talked to him. The birds and planes would go strait through him without even saying sorry. One day, Claude was ambushed by a flock of geese and he started crying, unable to take the loneliness. Only one tear escaped from him, so tiny that it didn’t even drop from his tufts of cloud.
“Why are you crying?” Claude jumped a little when he heard this.
“Who’s there? Who’s talking to me?” Claude looked all around him but found no one.
“Me! Me! I’m right here!” Claude looked down to see that the little voice was coming from his tear!
“Oh, hi there little fella! What’s your name?”
“My name’s Ray! Are you my friend?” Ray looked up to Claude with big saucer eyes.
“It would be my pleasure! You’re my first and only friend, Ray.”

Ray and Claude were the very best of friends and not even the birds and planes could tear them apart. They would hang low over the world to people watch and look at the world’s marvels. For years and years, everything was sunny and bright, even when the other clouds made it rain.
“Ray, you really like the World, don’t you?” Claude had been watching his friend gape at the world for a while now.
“Well, yeah! I’ve never been there before! Don’t you like it?”
“I like it but I’ve seen it a lot.”
“Oh.” Ray didn’t understand, for he could look at the World for hours on end and never get bored.
“Ray, you know I love you, right?”
“Of course, Claude! I love you, too!” Ray hugged Claude tight and Claude frowned.
“Then I hope you understand why I’m doing this.” Before Ray could respond, Claude let him go to fall on the earth. Claude was heartbroken but knew that his friend didn’t belong up in the sky forever. Ray felt all alone there, sitting in the dirty grass. He felt abandoned by Claude, until another rain drop plopped down beside him. Then another. Ray looked back up to the sky to see Claude crying, with a smile on his face. One tear drop turned to Ray and said, “Ray, Claude wants you to know that he loves you. And that he wanted you to be happy. Besides, we always get reformed so you’ll see him again soon!”
Every time that Claude sees Ray alone, he makes it rain again and makes a puddle so that Ray will never be alone like Claude was. Claude was never alone again, either. The sun was always looking out for Claude before but decided to send a ray of sunshine for him to talk to. Ray visited Claude often and they talked about all of their adventures. Then Ray would go back down to Earth to become a puddle again.

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About This Story
1 Nov, 2012
Read Time
2 mins
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