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The Light in You
The Light in You

The Light in You


There's this light, ignored, inside thee
It wants you to set it free.

Your hard work and the good you do
Add up to the light in you.
The talent in you, like a spark
Can illuminate the world out of dark.
And you know,
It's just a speck of what you can do
You just need to find the light inside of you.

The conditions and failures, opaque
They twist you, bend you and break.
But determination can turn it transparent
Cuz, never forget, your soul ain't vacant.
The darkness of sorrow will vanish for true
You just need to find this light in you.

Your potential, ' real power ' make up this light,
Accompanied by good virtues
They can turn the world bright.
Who care about shadowed lives
Are just left so few,
It's your duty to lighten them
With this mighty light in you.

So cheer up, you're the best
And way better, you can do
You just need to try harder
And dig out this light in you.

Author Notes: Hope you also get motivated (I am not a pro in the field though 😅😅)

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4 Jan, 2020
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<1 min
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