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The Line
The Line

The Line


Between what is and what could be,

There's a space and it's far too hard to see.

There's here and there and something in between

That I've never truly seen.


So do you have a photo?

Could you do a livestream?

Send a feed from up above to show me where to go?

Cause I'm hanging by a thread and the thread feels like a dream.

And I still don't know

A thing


The line.


You stepped into the cloud before me,

Twelve steps ahead, with a light to see,

You're doing just fine but I'm lost in the gray

So when I get a signal I'll call you up and say


Hey, could you take a photo?

Maybe do a livestream?

Send a text that shows how you decided where to go?

Cause my heart is beating fast and I think I might scream

And I still don't know

A thing


The line.


The fog gets thicker further in,

The cold hard ground is slick as sin.

I stumble and trip as I fall more behind

I took a leap of faith and concussions left me blind.


So please I need some help here,

Some way to see clearly.

Glasses for my colorblind might start to quell this fear.

Cause there's something going on and it's really getting tricky

And I still don't know

A thing


The line.


I've been waiting

for an age.

The pressure is

So hard to gauge.

I'm here,

Hands out

I'll scream

And shout

And hope you're not too far.


So please could you grab me?

Throw me a lifeline?

The distinction is so hard to find, it's difficult to see.

There's a crush, and there's love, and there's a line in between,

But I still don't know

A thing


That line.

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About This Story
4 Apr, 2021
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1 min
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