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the little doll

the little doll


MOLLY ! yes mom put that doll away please she is not welcomed at the table sorry julie run to my room kk mom molly is talking to her freaky doll again molly stop before i kill that stupid doll mom stop shes getting mad she says she wants to kill you stop please, molly go to bed but dad NOOOOO GO TO BED ugh i wish they would just give you a chance julie i-i-i-i- nooo they no-no-no-no like me but that wi-wi-wi-wi-ll change i guess its now the next night everyone went out ate out and now had came back to go to sleep molly was up and so was julie julie asked to go to a different part of the there house perhaps mollies parents room she said ive never gotten to no your parents maybe tonight i can say goodbye peacefully it sounded reasonable so molly did so molly told julie she'll be back she had to use the bathroom so julie ran on top of molly's mom and sliced her eye lids open took her eyes out and shoved them down her throat she soon chopped off her toes and replaced them as eyes soon she took her dads bald head and sliced it right open he took his brains out and chopped of all his fingers and shoved it in his eyes he soon woke up screaming all he saw was julie and the saw in his tonque he soon died she saved her brother for another night molly got back and soon was astonded all she could do was stare all julie did was laugh and just stand there . Molly asked why julie said i dont know im a doll molly through julie across the room and ran into the kitchen soon julie grabbed her bye the leg and jabbed the blood daggered knife right into her ankle she soon scretched for help she got up and punched julie in her face julie was out cold molly picked up julie and chopped her up and put her in the fire place molly was scared nowing that she just killed her friend her bestest friend as that she wondered if she was a murderer or was pertecting her rights and self and the rest well left of her family ?

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12 Jul, 2013
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1 min
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