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The Live Broadcast Ch 1

The Live Broadcast Ch 1

By cri


Halley sat at her computer late one night. She was planning to do an all nighter to study for the exam tomorrow. She had apples and cold water next to her. They would help her stay up. 
She booted up the computer and made sure the door was locked. Her parents really wouldn't approve of all nighters. She logged in. 
Ah, ready to get straight into it...
Suddenly, the screen turned blue.
"Oh...shiiiit-ake mushrooms," Halley murmured under her breath. Then she slapped herself. She was only twelve, she wasn't supposed to be swearing! 
Radley muttered in his sleep.

A man looked at Kaleb and Tiffany. Or rather, the camera. Then, it sounded like he was hitting something they couldn't see. 
"" Kaleb mumbled. 
"F*CK!" Suddenly they could see the man that was being beaten up. Or rather it. He was now a bloodied mass of flesh and bone. 
The twins' jaws fell to the floor.
"What the hell is this?" Tiffany whispered. Kaleb's face was like a sheet of paper.

The man on the floor in the video started trying to shout for help. His every cry chilled Francis to the bone.
He was home alone with his laptop. 
"F*CK YOURSELF!" The abuser began to scream vulgar things at the bloodied and bruised thing on the floor. Then there was silence as a gag was stuffed into the screaming man's mouth.
The other man turned to face the camera. Francis stared at him.
He was tall, and had a sturdy built. He had dark brown...or was it black? hair. 
Then he turned around, knelt down and started to-

Alexa was a hacker. She knew nearly all there was to the Internet. She was 14 and had already hacked 5 of her enemies' school accounts without anyone knowing. Alexa also knew how to make a whole computer system go down and stuff like that. She knew lots of programming languages and was good at creating websites. 
She lived in Belgium. Ever since she moved away from Halley and Francis and the twins, she hadn't seen them face-to-face for about a year. Her father was away on a business trip...her mother had left them long ago. 
Alexa was tall. Tall for a girl. She was even taller than Radley, Halley's 18-year-old brother. She enjoyed it because she felt like an adult. Since her parents were away, she had a sneaky idea. However, she wasn't so sure about going to London by Eurostar, after all, she didn't even have a valid passport saying she was old enough to travel on her own.
She was watching PewDiePie when suddenly the video came on. 

Halley nearly died of fright when she saw what the man did to his victim. When he had finished, he tied him to a chair and continued to torture him. 
"Radley! Help!"
Her older brother woozily got out of his bed and looked at the screen.
"What the fu-" 
"I can't turn it off! It's stuck! I don't know what to do!"
"Halley! Don't watch it!" Radley began jamming the 'off' button. It didn't work.
"Oh shiii...t."
There was a loud yell and a gunshot. The camera fell. There was silence.

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About This Story
18 Aug, 2015
Read Time
2 mins
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