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The Living Doll
The Living Doll

The Living Doll

ImonUrmomJeff Bezos

Once upon a time,

There was a little girl. Her name was Gabriella and she loved dolls. One day, she looked at the window of a toy store and saw a doll moving her arm slightly pointing the number two with her fingers. She decided to buy it and brought it home. She put it on her shelf and went to go eat but when she came back, she saw that her doll was now on her bed and not on her shelf anymore. She got scared and threw the doll out of the window. Later that night, she started to hear noises. First she just here wispers but then she started hearing more distinct noises. She started hearing a little voice. It said "Im gonna come and get youuuuuuuuuu", "im gonna come and kill youuuuuu". She then saw a little figure come into her room and then everything turned black. A year later, a construction personne who was destroying that same house found a little doll spotted with blood red. He brought her back to the store where she came form. The next day, another little girl looked throught the window of the shop and saw the same beutiful doll. But this time, the doll was holding three fingers up......

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About The Author
Jeff Bezos
About This Story
16 May, 2019
Read Time
1 min
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