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the lockdown that changed my life

the lockdown that changed my life

By xoxkyky - 1 Review

okay so at school we have this social studies teacher that me and my bfs always joke around saying hes a muslim and terrist that builds bombs, but we thought we wasnt true. So one day we had a lockdown and i was in his class and all of the suddun we hear over the intercom "LOCKDOWN!" and yuo could tell it was a paniced voice. So when we heard that we all hide where we were supposed to and oiur social studies teacher pulls out a gun and yells " get down!!" yelling at us all, he said if we moved or screamed he would kill us then set of his bombs and he said he had two very powerful bombs in his shoes. i wanted to scream so bad to the classes around us but i knew the risk. then out of no where my good friend Evie starts screaming i tried to cover her mouth but failed, the teacher shot her 5 times in thr chest, asn i knew other teachers heard the gun shots. i was so scared my best friend just died. Then the math teacher rushed in the room and he shoot her, at that moment i think everyone started to cry. Students started running out of there class rooms and he was shooting every where thretining to set his bombs off. then my heart stopped.. my best i mean best friend mallory was laying in the hall a pool of blood aroung her, at that point i balled out crying, there was no movment nobody wanted to get shot then a boy named tyler got up and grabed a hammer that was on the teachers desk and ran up to the teacher and smashed him in the back as he went down he shot tyler in the leg. well i guess the science teacher heard all this going on cause she rushed into the room grabbeed the gun and shot him in the head. i never liked the science teacher but i can probley speake for everyone when i say she saved our lives and im very greaful for her. .

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4 Feb, 2011
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