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The Long Lost Brother
The Long Lost Brother

The Long Lost Brother

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"Hey, you guys ready yet?!" I called. Bella pushed Billy out, carrying the bags. We were going to see Bella's step-cousin, Harry Potter. He was supposed to be like, a wizard or something, I don't know. Edward was against the idea, but, he was staying here with Ness. Now that Bella was a vampire, I had gotten used to the smell. I would sure miss my little Nessie, but I needed to spend time with Bells. "Here, Jake." she pushed Billy toward me and put the bags in the back. We were going on a plane. We got to the airport and onto the plane. It was amazing...what Bella could persuade the men into doing. I didn't blame them for doing it, though, she was beautiful. We got on a jet, a private jet, and took off! I slept the whole way.

"Jake," someone tickled me, "Jake, wake up." I jumped as Bells tickled my chin. I playfully punched her and she laughed. We got off. "Bella!" A young boy and a man ran up and hugged Bella. "Hey, Harry!" Bella exclaimed, then looking at the man. "Well, well, well, Sirius Black." she laughed hugging him, also. Billy was just gaping and Sirius was looking at Billy. "Sirius," Billy whispered. "Dad..." Sirius knelt by Billy. "Woah, Dad?" I asked. Sirius looked at me and I studied his face. Now I remembered, from when I was little. He was my long lost brother. My best friend. Now he was a wizard. "Are you...?" I asked. "I am a wizard, and a wolf, little brother" he answered. We hugged. Bella was smiling. She knew. That girl. Ugh! I'm glad she brought me, though. She had reunited us. I hugged her tighter than ever and she hugged me back. She had to be gentle, and I missed it when she hugged her life depended on it. When we were both human... That was a while ago. We had traveled all this way to get Sirius. She made up that whole story. Now that my sister Rachel was back home, all of our family...that was still alive, was reunited and would spend our forever together.

Author Notes: I LOVE Harry Potter and Twilight.

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7 Feb, 2017
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