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The Longest Tweet: Purple Tears (Letter #2)

The Longest Tweet: Purple Tears (Letter #2)

By boomman17

-It must be season on the ex's and bitches with the vexes cause all these girls be sending me different directions.

-I thought I was free from this bullshit, but more issues surfaced.

You'd think with all these ex's, I'd purchase a season pass to Six Flags cause these females ride my heart like the Batman.

-I thought I had the right one, but she let the rumors put her on the run.

Don't know if my ex said anything, but her cousin had to get the info from someone

Unless she lied, I still don't know.

But it is what it is. They say real men let em flow, but I still aint cried and I don't even remember the last time I had to lie.

-She says I was tryna play her, but I put her on pause,

Baby you got me confused with that nigga that got two young hoes & two baby mamas and went so to fuck his baby mama in front of his daughter while she was sitting there crying for mama.

And the difference between me and him is I'm a real man, he don't got a plan.

-I never been a player, never had a reason to.

If you quit listening to your cousin, you'll know that I was never untrue.

-I put you before any other female,

Can't you tell,

You were the best thing that happened to me

Can't you see,

If you would've let me, I would've took you away from this hurt,

But you went bezerk.

Not giving me a chance to get that unwanted dirt off my name.

-What was your real motive girl?

Did you really want to be with me, or were you the player and not me?

She said she didn't fully trust me,

But she was all up in my face saying she loved me.

-Was it ever real, or was I just a fool?

I was playing this love game shit too cool, now I can't find no one new.

You let me go when I could've gave you anything

Now that I'm free I'm gonna sit back and watch to see what these lil niggas try to bring.

All your worries were over, luck couldn't describe it, but since were over, nothing can become of it.

-And they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but your words and actions have clouded my vision.

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but I'm moving in a new direction, no longer do I want to hold you.

-You still enter my dreams, that must mean you miss me

Your sent still clouds my sencse, I don't wan't none of these ratchet bitches.

But I no longer want you,

Like you said, we're through.

-I know you'll come back around when you come to your sences.

But before you do, I'm gone clean up this mess that is my broken heart.

It never broke even, weather from truth or being deceived. And 143 is dead to me.

I no longer see a reason to say it if you don't mean it.

And my heart is something you will never again touch.

And to quote my dear friend AngleWings, "Fuck You Very Much"


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17 Jun, 2013
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2 mins
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