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The Lord of Pain
The Lord of Pain

The Lord of Pain


A girl explores a magical forest every night. It is her special world where she controls everything, or so she thinks. She is taken there by an angel and they play together in the cosmos. The road to this place is through a river, the girl and the angel enter and exit through this river.

The angel tells her they need to exit a certain way, walking on the small river, tapping with the left foot three times and spitting over the right shoulder. The first time they do this the girl follows the directions of the angel and does it exactly as he does.

The angel carries her on his back home and she asks him why does she have to follow the directions so precisely. "It is to avoid problems," says the angel. The girl remarks clouds on the horizon and she commands them to leave, but they do not lsiten. This makes the girl realize that there is a greater force is in control of this world, the world which she thought was her own.

But she’s a mischievous girl and she wonders what will happen if she does the opposite, tapping with her right foot three times and spitting over her left shoulder. The next time they go into this mystical world and play, the girl, on the way back, does the opposite of what the angel does, tapping with her right foot three times and spitting over her left shoulder. She keeps this a secret from the angel, giggling as she gets on his back and they prepare for the trip home.

On the way home the sky is angry and nothing is as it should be. The angel panics and asked the girl if she tapped her feet correctly. The girl says no, she did the opposite because she was just too curious to see what would happen. Shadowy figures appear on the horizon and the angel tries his best to maneuver around them.

They are almost at the end of the world when a shadowy figure appears on the center of the road and casts a darkness in front of it. The angel puts down the girl and jumps back, saying that he’s sorry but that he can no longer protect her. Like a shooting star he jumps above and flies away as fast as he can.

Then appears the Lord of Pain. “You have called me and now I will always be by your side” he says to the frightened girl. “Before, I knew you were here but I could not find you because the angel made you invisible. Now, I see you clearly before me and the angel, if he ever touches me, will die.”

The Lord of Pain took the girl into his arms and brought her back deep into the mystical world. This time everything has frozen over with icy snow and the girl was very cold. He showed her things which made her very frightened. Then he let the girl go, knowing that every time she came to the mystical place he could arrive at any moment and take her away.

The angel waited for the girl at the exit of the magic forest. He felt remorseful about leaving her earlier but knew that he would have died if he had stayed. They continued to visit the mystical forest together but it wasn’t the same. An aura of worry and fear now covered their carefree mood and made it difficult to enjoy the wonders of the forest. Every time the angel sensed the Lord of Pain he had to leave to save himself, and the girl was left to face her tormentor.

The girl grew wary of being unable to enjoy the forest. She said this to the Lord of Pain, to which the Lord responded with a proposition. "Bring me the angel," he said, a"nd I will let you go to enjoy the forest as you had before." The girl thought about this and decided to betray the angel. She loved him but she loved her freedom more.

The next day they were in the forest, the angel noticed the girl was unusually calm. Then came the time when the Lord of Pain arrived and the Angel had to leave. He was about to let go of the girl and fly off but then she grabbed onto him. The angel tried to free himself but the girl suddenly had superhuman strength. "Let me go," begged the angel, “let me go or I will perish.”

The girl did not listen. She held onto the angel as the Lord of Pain approached them. As he touched the angel there was a flash of light, and the girl closed her eyes because it was too bright. When she opened her eyes she saw that both the angel and the lord were gone. The girl felt very different about herself. She had become attached to the forest. Now she could never leave because she had become the Lord of Pain.

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3 Nov, 2020
Read Time
4 mins
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