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The Lost Girl
The Lost Girl

The Lost Girl


Your late agin anna, the teacher complained go to your seat and take out your math book, ok miss filds anna said, a few minutes later, anna had to go use the rest room anna raised her hand yess anna said her teacher can i use the rest room anna said, yes go be quick ok yes i will anna storms out of the class room she walks pass other class she sees a man standing out the hallway he stares at her she speeds up her walking the man walks i little fast till anna get to the rest room the man stops and hide some were annd goes in to a stall and uses the rest room she comes out and washes her hands when she got done she came outthe rest room headind back to class the man pops out and grabs anna she tries to scream for help but the man had her mouth coverd and they whent out school bilding and the man goes to his car he puts anna in the back and he gets in and drives off a few minutes later anna teacher looks everywere for anna she looks and looks and ant find anna so she went to the front office and check and she was not there and anna teacher when back to her class she told everyone have they seen anna and the class said no the check thru files and everything she rilized that the shool have camras she told everyone to get up an we are going to the front office the teacher said so everyone got up quick and they rushed to the fromt office she whent in and unfolded files for the camra then she told all of her students to come in let all wach the wached her walk to the bathroom ten a few miutes later anna came out and she was heading back to class till the man picked up annd and coverd her maouth then the teacher and sudents gasped, then the teacher called the cops

and a lot of cops came to the school the teacher sowed the footage and the cops when the teacher showed the footage the cops new the man who took anna he was wanted bye the cops The end.

Author Notes: Hi

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25 May, 2021
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1 min
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