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The love i was sure of.

The love i was sure of.

By Brinalynn15

I was 13, He was 15.. We were both quiet. i seen him in the hallways and knew there was something special about him and that i had to meet him for myself. well he liked my friend and we were in the hallway and she stole one of his shirts, he looked at me and laughed and smiled. i got butterflies and thought....I need to meet him. so that night i went to bed thinking about him alot so the next day i took it upon my self to add him on Myspace, and then MSN. Well, he had a girlfriend, but they werent doing too well so i knew i had a chance. As soon as he accepted it we talked for hours on end. I told him i liked him. he told me he didn't feel the same.. so i went to bed sad. and then i ran into him at school again and we talked and that went on for a few days. one day my friend(at the time) says, hes got a surprise for you tomorrow. and what do you know? the next day he asked me out. I was so happy, we were the happiest people for over a year. and a little after 1 year and 6 months a hold was put on the eternal happiness. He got drunk and his ex was there. They made out and felt each other up. Now we don't talk like we used to and we argue constantly. I would more than love to keep the happiness going and forgive the kid but its a hard process. and he acts like it never happend. Babe i love you so much and was willing to stay with you. please dont shut me out. Love. a very scared girlfriend. If yall have any comments bout this story email me. True story. [email protected]

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22 Jul, 2011
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