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The Love of a Daughter

The Love of a Daughter

By Sammykingston212

Yes, I know I was the one to blame. I've hurt so many in various ways. I tore the ones I loved apart. If only i could take back the day, that everything went to hell. Please don't hate me . I'm not selfish like other children . I'm not conceited like some. I am not a bad person. But somehow my whole world turned around . I barely recognized myself. I went from the color gold to black. They say the truth sets you free and in some cases it does , but in my case it just hurts other people. They say if I ever need someone , I could go to them. But what I needed is for them to need me. We are planning to move, so my Father doesn't have to wake up way to early. I do grieve for my father. He has fallen asleep twice in the road , but a horn woke him up. If it wasn't for me he would be able to focus on his work and not me. My mother which I dearly love has heart problems, and has visited a doctor. My grandmother, I had made her cry. I remember that day, I just looked at her and slowly my body was taken over with guilt. I now do feel happy, I swear. All I ask is for my dear father and mother to be fine. And so to my grandmother and father. My aunt and uncle, and my cousins and brothers and sisters. I will always love them and believe it or not , you have no idea what I do to stop my dad from falling asleep, stop my mothers heart problems. I would sacrifice my life to save them. Because they shouldn't be punished. I should. I know I cannot save my father on the road but I can save him and my mother and grandparents from sadness. I would give away everything a human can imagine. I'm sorry I caused all the pain Daddy , I'm sorry i caused your heart ache Mommy, I'm sorry brother and sister, aunt and uncle, grandparents,cousins. They have no idea how much i'm willing to give away to repay from the sins I made. I Love You

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1 Jan, 2012
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