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the love of a dog and an owner

the love of a dog and an owner

By Jenn_cupcake

their was once a littel girl named starleen on her 2nd birthday her parents gave her a puppy.and then she said her first words "cuutiee".so they decided to name her cutie as the years went by the puppy turned to a dog and the lil girl turned into a teen.
One day starleen desided to take cutie out for a walk it had raind the night befor so the streets were full of each car passed starleen got wet.every time she was splashed the dog would bark at the car."its ok cutie its only water fine,just 3 more bloks and were home."
Just then a car passed and splashed water on starleen again cutie got so angry she started running twardes the car starleen was runnig after her but cutie had gone on to the streets just then women that was driving and texting on her mobile was comming strait at cutie.
starleen dident know wat to do and if she dident think fast her only protecter will die.what could she do and then she did the unbiliveable.starleen ran tuards cutie and pushed her out of the way....but she dident have time to save starleen stod their full of blood on the ground cutie keped on liking her hand to see if she would wake up but she dident.
when starleen was baried cutie stayed all day and night at her grave.wen she got hungry shed go to the taco stand near by to steal some time passed cutie became older,uglyer and weakrer she knew she was ganna die so she did wat a dog could do ,stay with her owner till the end and she did.


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13 Apr, 2011
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