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The Love of My 20 Something Heart
The Love of My 20 Something Heart

The Love of My 20 Something Heart


Love and wine are always so fine, So I've heard them say, Fiction it is not, It's a tale of my heart, I never knew what and who in 3D he was, But oh ! tall, fair and handsome he definitely was, His voice and smile had triggered my mind and heart, And he had hit hard at what little I had, In his defence, he had never asked for anything at all, And somehow I had lost to him the girl I was.

A tiny tiny bud of love I had grown in my heart for him, My system had watered it with all the love I could possibly had at that early naive age, The fragrance from it had spread wild around me, And had sneaked out from my every word and thought, I was the girl bubbling with Love, I had held on to his every word, Blushing in my heart and a twinkle in my eye, He had made me want to achieve all, He was this picture of working hard and an intelligence on palm, I was no match for him, But there was this part in me, Which had wanted him to say, That I was everything he would want, No kidding! I was in dreamland of him and love and smiles, It was not all laughter and my excited voice, He had filled me with anger on some days, But I had loved the things in him I hadn't liked, So it was always nice and had turned out to be fine when my heart had managed to won over my mind.

He was soft, polite, annoying, free of all the fuss With the most adorable voice, His words knew how to make me feel alright, When I had cried and was not feeling bright, Time flew by and he found his perfect half, And just like that I lost again, The part of him which I had grown in me, He wasn't mine to love and so I took a step ahead, Despite how brave and warm the love in me for him made me feel, I knew it was not meant for me to hold, And thus I let that love go from my heart, mind and soul, Hoping and thinking for yet another brave love, To come my way and fill my heart with warm dews.

Sitting here when I think of him today, He feels like a stranger again whom once I had friended and loved, I've no clue of his whereabouts, But I hope and pray, That life has coloured him with all that he had ever wanted.

P.S with much missing

Author Notes: To wherever you are, sorry I couldn't stop my vivid imagination from letting you breathe in my words. I hope you are happy and fine.

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10 Apr, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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