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The Love Of My Life!! :) <3

The Love Of My Life!! :) <3

By SosaBaby

Just a year ago I was with this guy named Carlos he was very sweet and handsome, Untill things started falling apart. He cheated on me the whole time. I was so sad, mad and depressed. I didn't know how to handle it and I didn't know the guy that I loved could ever do that to me.

It was hard the first two months but then I started to feel like I would never be happy again and I met this guy named Juan. Juan was so handsome, he was funny, he was caring and he really showed me a good time. I started to like him a little bit but he liked another girl so I didn't wanna get in the way of what could have been with him and the other girl.

So one day I was talking to Juan as usual and we kissed. I enjoyed the kiss but I just didn't want to be in a relationship because I have just recently been hurt and I have been doing fine I was happy.. So I talked to Juan because he didn't understand why I didn't want a relationship. He understood so we just talked as friends and I had been getting jelous when he would talk about other girls..

I had been gaining alot of feelings for Juan and decited maybe I should get with him since I was happy when I talked to him and seen him, when he wasn't with me I would miss him alot.

So we got together and he made me feel so special and we would be together all the time he was like my bestfriends but so much closer. He loves me & I love him and I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for him. I am 6months pregnant now, we have a house that is the perfect size and I'm so happy and ready to start a family!! We are talking about getting married when our baby starts walking :)

I never been so happy in my life and everytime I kiss Juan it feels like the first time. I told him thanks so much for completing me because with out Juan I'd probably be living a sad,lonely and boring life.. Juan is the love of my life!!

So don't ever give up on love because you'll never know how it feels to be happy and cared about.

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1 May, 2011
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2 mins
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